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Laube iVAC Winner is....

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  • Laube iVAC Winner is....

    Will be announced right here in this thread at 6PM EST, give or take a paw or two.

    Hint: This was an extremely busy contest with over 400 entries! Many looked it seems and didn't find the gamepiece because the gamepiece page was "hit" about 5,000 times! I am glad that many of our lurkers entered, but it did turn out that the winner has posted a great deal on this board.
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    Because her screen name is not on the entry form but her email is and everything else leads me to believe it is none other than...


    That's Melissa of Schenectady, NY, right??

    Congratulations! Thank you Laube for making this contest possible!
    Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the Board Help Talk Forum. Thanks for coming to our community a part of


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      Well I'll be......

      Let's start a New Contest......

      Will the iVAC meet it's demise....

      A. In a pot of boiling water?
      B. Falling out the back of a newly re-built bus w/ a faulty door and being crushed by a tailgating trash truck?
      C. By blowing a Teddy Head gasket?
      D. By mistakenly being smothered in fondant whilst MyLady is making a Birthday cake at 3:20 am?

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        Congratulations! No one deserves this more!

        Oh, I am so glad. Enjoy it in good health. Maybe this will help your luck to change. BTW Is there a second runner up should the winner be unable to accept? LOL
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          Hooray for her, she could really deserves it after all the van problems she's been having.


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            Congratulations!! Hope this helps make up for all the bad luck lately.
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              Congratulations! How cool is that. You deserve it,working so hard for your family!
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                That's so great! Yay mylady!!!


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                  Way to go, Melissa! Couldn't happen to a nicer gal!

                  I guess because we haven't seen her response yet, we can assume she doesn't know! Woot! Online surprise party!

                  Stephen: She was here last night, not yet today.
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                    Congratulations Melissa!! Sounds like this will be a great help for you - enjoy it!!


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                        Yes, the Melissa of Schenectady is me! And you even spelled it right! LOL

                        I am in utter shock. Already sent a text to my employee. She had been asking about getting a clipper vac system and i told her I didn't know how to use one and she offered to teach me! So now the lessons can begin!

                        4Sibes, I was laughing so hard my 4 year old came running over to see what was so funny. Too bad he's not old enough to understand the joke. Of course you know me, I never break things the same way twice! LOL. Maybe I'll find a way to make lava somehow become involved LOL.

                        I'm just so surprised and happy. WooHoo!
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                          Many happy grooming hours to you mylady! You certainly deserve a change of luck!


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                              Once you get the hang of it you will wonder how you ever groomed without it. I do recommend getting it hared wired. Start slowly and read any Clipper Vac instructions as they apply completely.