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Rags to Riches 2011

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  • Rags to Riches 2011

    We don't have a confirmation that there will be a 2011 edition, that's Double K's decision but everyone is very hopeful there will be. It is appropriate to announce it later in 2010 should there be one.

    Because some of you have asked me or made suggestions, I do want everyone to know that the turnout was quite a surprise. Yes, there were actually more entries in 2009 but contestants could enter two dozens entries, and some did.

    I want everyone to know that we are addressing the possibility of an even larger turnout in the future. We have already discussed modifications to the contest that make it more effective for such a large competition, in fact, I believe we can say that Rags to Riches: Ultimate Groomer 2010 was the largest grooming competition!

    The Judges in 2010 provided additional suggestions for future Rags to Riches contests as well. Everything has been noted.

    Each year the contest has shown great improvements in how we operate it, and the same will hold true should there be a 2011 edition, and it will be adapted to best operate for so many entries.
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