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Tip #18 - Polls

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  • Tip #18 - Polls

    You can find our new Survey Polls with instant results here, on the board! On the Home Page of THIS board, you can always get there by clicking the GroomerTALK gold lettering with the Bichon on notebook, look near the bottom of page. There is a Polls Category.

    Yes, we are going to add more, including grooming prices that everyone loves. What is different with these surveys compared to our more formal Surveys section in the website, is that you can comment ON THE RESULTS and we can all share our reactions. Here some usage info.

    Please only take the Polls appropriate for you. Even if a poll doesn't apply to your status in grooming, you can click the link to see survey results.

    Below the results is the start of a thread area where you can discuss the results. We want to keep these polls ongoing for quite awhile until perhaps thousands have taken the appropriate surveys for them, and we can discuss them right there. Very convenient!

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    So do polls count toward our total # of posts?


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      LOL.. gracey.
      This is like the lottery, ya know, it'll be the person with one post that wins the grand prize.