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Tip #15 List Your Grooming Business in Directory

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  • Tip #15 List Your Grooming Business in Directory

    If you OWN or MANAGE a grooming business you can easily list it in the Find A Groomer Directory at and hundreds of pet owners use it every day.

    There is a link to the website at all times in the left column of the message board under Hot Spots at It says, Find A Groomer - List Your Groom Biz.

    Click the link, look for the list function. Be sure to read very carefully a few registration notes there. There is no other groomer directory that comes close to providing pet owners with the detailed info you can enter.

    Remember, employees other than an authorized manager cannot do a listing. But please tell your employer they should be listed! Thanks!

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    I went to post my new business and 2007 wasn't an option in year started. I will check back in a few days to see if it has changed.

    Stephen Note: The programmer is adding that function soon.


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      If we posted our business with the old message board directory, is it still current, or we have to do a new one?

      Stephen Note: The old message board didn't have its own business directory. We have always had Find A Groomer Directory separate at and there is a link in the left column.
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        That's how I found this board.
        I was wondering tho.. Once your in the directory do you have to update at anytime?

        Stephen Note: Sure, that's is why you setup your password. Come back and keep it up to date anytime.


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          Adding a new business to

          I just went and listed my mobile grooming business, and it let me put 2007 as the year the business was opened.

          Hope that helps!



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            Stephen, I just want to comment that I dislike how mobile is separate from shop. IF clients in my area were to go to the site, I doubt they would even click on mobile because no one around here has heard of it. I would almost rather be listed under shop... does this make sense?