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    Hello all,

    I am new here at the message board. I am so incredibly glad I found you.

    I am thinking about starting my own mobile grooming business in a highly urban area. I do have a few concerns. Can mobile grooming thrive in an urban area? I have always liked working alone but are the trailers or vans too small? Any other helpful tips are very welcome.

    Thank you,

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    Hope this helps!

    I just recently started my own mobile grooming business. I've been grooming in salons for over 8 years and I was desperate to get out on my own. I work much better alone in my opinion. I've only been doing the mobile grooming thing for roughly 2 months now... I absolutely LOVE it! If you have been grooming for a while then you already know pretty much what to expect from customers, such as complaints, questions, tips, etc. So far I really haven't noticed much of a difference in the customer's questions, but most of their attitudes have changed dramatically.

    I explain to every customer that I talk to that my main goals are:
    1. To prevent the customer from getting in and out of traffic, twice a day. Once to drop their pet off and again when they pick them up.
    2. The complaints I used to hear daily at salons were customer's saying how much they hated having to leave their pet in a cage all day, some have had to leave their pets for up to 9 hours, waiting to get a hair cut!

    So these 2 main things are what I'm really trying to eliminate, and customers really, really appreciate this... therefore their attitudes have changed so much! They are usually very happy that their pet is immediately getting tended to, as soon as we arrive.

    So if you are comfortable answering the many questions they will have, usually over the phone, I am sure that you will love it as well. About the room... I am actually pretty used to working in small areas, and yeah, the van or trailers are small, but definately not uncomfortable. And at least you are not bumping into other groomers or employees!

    I really hope that this helps. I am also very new to this message board, or to any message board for that matter... this is my first time at any message board. The only other thing that I can suggest to you is to do your research! I did so much research before I decided to go mobile. I figured up what I could make each year to about what I should charge per dog and so on. A really great website for research is They design mobile grooming vans and trailers for groomers, but most importantly they have tons and tons of information about mobile grooming, such as "Why go mobile?"

    Good luck!