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Tip #8 Chat Calendar

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  • Tip #8 Chat Calendar

    First, you are still using the SAME OLD Chat Room at this time. Access it by clicking the link in the left column.

    So what is with the Chat Calendar??

    Regularly someone says meet me tonite in the Chat Room at 6 pm EST. They do that by starting a thread.

    You don't need to do that in the discussion area. You can post an event on the Chat Calendar which says, your username, see you at 5 PM EST and others that check the Chat Calendar will know when someone will be in the SAME OLD Chat Room.

    Note that if you go back to the MAIN PAGE of this board where you start, look down on the bottom and TODAY'S EVENTS (should be) listed there taken from the Calendars.

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    I saw there are only a couple of us "brave souls" Hey Spikey you better make your B-day too Stephen!!


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      OK, I thought I had but in testing I have deleted and started my account 100 times.