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Tip #2 Quick Reply Procedure

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  • Tip #2 Quick Reply Procedure

    I am glad some of you are loving the quick reply function. It is a time saver.

    If you are reading a message and want to post a reply, before you HAD to click POST REPLY and load a new web page form.

    Now you can still do that clicking the golden POST REPLY icon but you have the choice of a quick reply too. Look for the gold colored QR icon on right side of the message you are reading. Click it to activate the Quick Reply text box where you can immediately type in your quick reply without loading a message reply page. That text box remains grayed out until you click the QR icon. It's quick.

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    Are the quick reply responses moderated the same? It shows up right away where the others were "approved" first, right?


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      Not sure if this was answered somewhere else but I have been wondering the same thing.