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Tip #1 Categories and Forums Organization

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  • Tip #1 Categories and Forums Organization

    The "home page" of this board is where you arrive when you click the link accessing the URL and now take a look at that page carefully.

    Look for the word "Categories" in the medium cream color horizontal bars. The first one is Intro to the New 2007 Board Category.

    OK, there are other Categories below. So overall the board is divided into Categories, and inside them are Forums. At the previous board we only had Forums, and that is way outdated today in the world of forum software.

    Look to the TALK Category. See its Forums, GroomerTALK General, MobileGroomerTALK and BeginnerTALK, this is where you do most of your posting if you want. Later we will archive most discussions from this area into other Categories as time goes by for permanent research use. However, you can still enter and use all of the Categories and their Forums with few exceptions.

    Now, if you are on the main, the home page, of the board (you can access it easily by click the underlined link always near top border, GroomerTALK and MobileGroomerTALK Community) you can roll up and roll down the Categories. Look for the ^ in light color to the far right of the Category headers. Click the ^ and it rolls up and down the Forum listings for each Category. Cool.

    Many pages also have a JUMP function. Instead of clicking the underlined link mentioned above, you can highlight the Category or Forum title and JUMP to it. Search around, you will see it.