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    Even at the old board there were daily problems with some people not getting an email. Usually it is on their end, or their email provider. Don't fret, we have solutions.

    HOTMAIL, YAHOO MAIL and AOL MAIL are typically the sources of problems viewing our email as spam.

    1) You should allow 30 minutes for your email to arrive, although that is not typical.

    2) So many in the past with problems didn't know they had an antivirus or spam function blocking the confirmation email.

    3) So many signed up with the wrong email address, and that makes it impossible to get one to you.

    If you have checked it all out and didn't get your confirmation, send an email to [email protected] with your USERNAME and EMAIL, only those two things, and we can verify your account and force your confirmation.
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    I never got an e-mail confirmation, but I guess I'm good to go anyway?


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      I didn't get an email conformatin either but it is still working for me too!
      SheilaB from SC


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        please disregard my email I just sent. I'm good to go..being as I'm posting now Thanks


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          Even if you don't get your confirmation try an hour later to login. If late at night, try next morning. We often force through if things look OK.

          So far we have confirmations that everyone is being sent one. We worked through some users who swore they didn't have spam filtering etc, and oh yes they did, often automatically provided by ISP services under a different name.


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            Me too. I never received an e-mail but I'm able to log on without any problems.


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              Chat room

              What about for the chat room. I did not get the email, so I don't have a password.
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                I finally found the email that was sent to was totally tucked away in a spot in my mailbox that things never go in...Go figure.


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                  Email Conf.

                  I don't believe that I recieved an email either. I even checked my spam email box. At first I was concerned, but everything seems to be working fine. This is a great forum. Thanks!


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                    I never did find a confirmation Email... oh well! I love this place, but it's definitely addicting!


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                      Mine was in my spam folder....I have aol.


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                        registration # won't work

                        Got my email had to type auth# into browser - checked twice - sent got message that there was no such # waitin g activation . What do I do now ?