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Special restrictions on message content.

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  • Special restrictions on message content.

    When you register you agree to several guidelines to promote professionalism, courtesy and camaradarie in GroomerTALK. During registration you will be provided details. Here we want to reiterate once again these important guidelines that are sometimes forgotten. If your messages have the content described below, in addition, they may be edited or deleted without notice. Thank you.

    1) You cannot identify your employer, or your employees.

    2) You cannot share your grooming prices, or those of your employer as the case may be. You cannot go around this rule by changing the word "dollars" with "bones" "biscuits" or any other words. The intent is still the same and the legalities are not averted. You may discuss grooming prices as a topic; it is the actual sharing of your prices where others can compare your prices with the prices of others that is prohibited.

    3) You may not offer employment here, nor solicit employment. You can do that at no charge at which is the industry's largest help wanted marketplace online or in print.

    4) You may not sell products or services of any kind. Once again consider our classified marketplace at or consider being a sponsor of Sponsor advertising is described at and you can call our office at 800-556-5131 or 360-446-5348.

    5) No eBay or similar site links. We have had members get involved with phishing schemes scamming them.

    6) Do not post copyrighted articles here. If online, you can put a link to the article.

    7) No consumer oriented messages about warranty problems, repair problems, service problems etc. Contact the manufacturer and service provider. Too many of these are trumped up by competitors, associates of competitors or disgruntled employees and customers. There are governmental and legal channels available to you. Since we cannot verify the veracity of your statements as we are not a consumer agency, use them please.
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