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Need help on paying a groomer

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  • Need help on paying a groomer

    I have a grooming shop and I have one person to bath and prepare the dogs for me, now I am thinking to get another groomer since I have more dogs than I can handle. Can anyone help me on how should I pay for someone with experience? I heard that is by percentage for start-to-end, but how much would be if the dog is ready to groom?
    Thanks for a fast response.

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    50% if ready to groom and all she has to do is finish it.

    60%+ if she has to do it from scratch.


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      You could do it a bunch of different ways. Commission percentages would be dependent on your prices and other benefits. 50% commission on a $25 shih-tzu groom or a $50 shih-tzu groom? I've interviewed at a place where they deducted 10% commission to pay for the assistant. I am salaried and my assistant is paid for by me being able to do more grooms in a day, so I don't lose any of my salary, but I am able to do a bit more and it all evens out. Think it out a bunch of different ways.
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        I have yet to find a way to pay people that I think is fair. Paying for this type of labor is just hard!

        It is the norm in our industry to pay 50%. When you think of it, that is crazy! Who else pays their employees 50% of what they bring in, and still we have to pay the rent, supplies and taxes, taxes, taxes.

        To be paid hourly doesn't work well either. A new groomer is going to be slower then a seasoned groomer. It can take a newbie 3 hours to finish what I can do in 1 hour.
        Then there are the seasoned groomers that will 'just groom slower' to make more. If your not good at keeping them moving, this could get pricey for you.

        Then there is salary. They get XX amount each month. This is nice for the groomer....always knows how much they will make in a month, even in the lean months. Makes it nice for paying their bills and getting a loan.
        Again, I'm not much of a slave driver, so during the busy months, when they are complaining that "I have 8 dogs to do...wah, wah, wah" and you have to remind them AGAIN that "Remember in January when you had THREE dogs to do...well, now is pay-back time".

        There is also a sliding scale of percent depending on how much money the groomer brings in. I will be looking into this with any future employees of mine. "You make from XX to XX you get this percent",

        It is also common to have the groomer pay a percent, or dollar amount for a bather, if they use one that you provide.

        The most important thing is to Do The Math, and really realize what it costs to have an employee. Take into consideration what type of employer you are, and what system would work well with your personality. It's tough....I wish you luck.



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          Originally posted by dogma View Post
          It is the norm in our industry to pay 50%. When you think of it, that is crazy! Who else pays their employees 50% of what they bring in, and still we have to pay the rent, supplies and taxes, taxes, taxes.
          The reason you pay the person 50% is because they are providing your business with a skill. You are providing the place of business and you help bring in the clientele, but they are the ones doing the work. An employee giving you half their earnings isn't too shabby IMO.


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            Windfall.....To quote Terri DeMarino, "the reason we pay 50% is because the math is easy". And I believe her. Gosh, if Walmart paid their employees 50% we'd ALL be working there!

            I own my own salon AND I groom there also. Until you own yours, you will never understand how expensive employees are.

            I always find it interesting when groomers refer to "half of THEIR earnings"....if it weren't for the employer providing a place for them to work, advertisment to Get them work, their supplies (grooming table, shampoo, dryers, crates, sharpen blades, etc etc) educational seminars, water, phone, electric, plus don't forget those taxes, taxes, taxes....they wouldn't be working as a groomer.

            All they have to do is show up on time and do a good job. No worries about paying the bills or keeping the clients. A pretty sweet deal for THEM In My Humble Opinion.

            Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE my job. I have been grooming for 35 years and wouldn't do anything else.

            It is important to remember that we each have unique circumstances and we all must decide for ourselves what works best for each of us. PetSplash will need to sit down and 'do the math' and figure out what works best for HER in HER SITUATION. Understanding the different methods of payment, their pro and cons, is the first step in being successful.

            I hope you are able to own your own salon someday Windfall....and I hope you will be a roaring success!!!

            Until then.....namaste, dogma