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How to Add Attachments to Messages

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  • How to Add Attachments to Messages

    This procedure is for using the message board system for adding attachments. You can use Photobucket and other services which provide you with http: URL type link code you simply copy and paste into your message text and you don't have to do the procedure below. Therefore this procedure is not for Photobucket.


    Your attachments must be in the following common formats and within these size limits.


    Type of file: .doc or .pdf
    Maximum file size: 2 Megabytes


    Type of file: .gif .jpe .jpeg .jpg
    Maximum file size: 150 Kilobytes Width 640 pixels Height 480 pixels

    You can easily resize pictures with photo software, but also sites offer free services.


    Step 1: Go to the forum where you want to post a "new thread" with attachments, or to the thread where you want to post "a reply" with attachments.

    Step 2: Click either New Thread or Post Reply and a new window comes up Your Message.

    Step 3: Type the title of your message, and type the message, and a smilie icon if desired.

    Step 4: Scroll down under the available smilies to the section titled Attachments.

    Step 5: Click the dark rose colored bar that says Management Attachments. A new popup window opens.

    Step 6: For your convenience the window "Home" section shows you pictures you have previously uploaded, just in case you want to attach the same picture again. If you do click and drag the picture to the bottom Attachment open area marked #2. If you want to upload a picture for the first time time, click the dark rose colored button that says ADD FILES in the right corner of the popup window, go to Step 7.

    Step 7: A box opens and you can "Select Files" from your computer, or in the blue shaded area click Website and you can add pictures from a web site if you have the URL of the image. Remember that you should not post pictures from a web site that are copyrighted and owned by another party. SELECT FILES: When you click select files your computer directories are shown and you highlight the picture or document file and click the OPEN button. When you have selected all the files click UPLOAD FILES button in dark rose color. If successful the attachment window in the popup window will show the attachments uploaded.

    Step 8: To finish click the Insert Attachment rose colored button at the bottom of the popup window. The popup window closes and you are back at the original New Thread or Post Reply Window. Scroll down and click the Submit button.
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    Thanks for the more step by step Stephen. I have had no luck at all so far.
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      Thanks Stephen for the info. I'll work on it and see what happens.

      Poodleluv, thanks too for the info. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has been having

      It just takes me a long time to figure out new things with the computer!

      STEPHEN: The new system they provided us with is a little more complex as you can see, but after a couple times you get the hang of it. Actually it is better in this regard. The system is keeping track of the attachments you post over the years. When you come back in the future to post attachments it brings up nails of past attachments. This feature makes it very convenient when you want to use the same attachment in the future without having to upload it again.
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