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Why We Don't Allow Facebook Links (and similar sites)

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  • Admin

    Because some of you are posting threads and messages with your Facebook. You can PM to friends here that accept your PM's though. That doesn't make our thousands of visitors that come by here without signing in vulnerable to fake FB links, and yes, I get fake ones still being posted regularly. Anything that gets popular is of course the target for scammers.

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  • Jenneversage64
    I'd like to drop my membership at facebook

    But I don't have an account there. hahaha
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  • Why We Don't Allow Facebook Links (and similar sites)

    We also don't allow eBay links as people here have been affected in the past but not many eBay come around.

    However, some of you want to post Facebook. Some of you are wise managers with experience on the Internet, but newbies come here every day that can be sitting our policy has to be point blank. Please no Facebook links to protect the majority.

    Here is an article how Facebook has not gotten better but continues to be a "hotbed" for identity link to read full starts...

    "IT security firm Sophos has announced its latest probe into how easy it is to steal identities via Facebook and found that user negligence is worst in 2009."

    "We assumed things would be better in 2009 but the situation is worse. This really is a wake-up call," said Paul Ducklin, head of technology, Sophos.