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My Dryer Came Today

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  • My Dryer Came Today

    Yeah, My new Master Blaster arrived safe and sound by the guys in brown(UPS) today. I was done for the day but turned it on WOW you can blow a small dog off of the table with that thing can't wait to use it on a big and harry
    Thanks again Stephen
    "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"

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    How exciting!!! I wish you all the best with your new dryer!!


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      No flying dogs, please! Have fun with your new toy!!! You lucky duck!
      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

      Groom on!!!


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        EEEEEE, sooo cooooool! SO glad to hear it! I sometimes tell my clients, when explaining how this powerful dryer blows shedding coat off the dog, that it is powerful enough "to blow a small dog into the wall and up to the ceiling," (Only the ones with a sense of humor). It's a great dryer though, isn't it?!!!

        Tammy in Utah
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          Congratulations! Enjoy!


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            Speaking of new dryers...what's the concensus on the best force dryer out there? I have only used the dri-dog, but I am trying to start my home business and will be buying my own equipmt. Any opinions would be welcomed, on this and cage dryers too!


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              Congrats again!!! You will absolutely love it.
              A perfect example yesterday. I had two chows, both blowing their coats. Seems they do that all at once, anyway I returned the dogs to the client. She reached down to feel the fur and was shocked. All that nasty undercoat was gone, and they were beautiful and shiny. She tipped me the amount of one full groom. Even after I explained to her, that with my HV (master blaster) dryer it really does most of the work for you.