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  • Sorting Messages into Right Forums

    We wanted to give everyone some time to get used to the many categories and forums. We usually had about 20 forums on the "old" board, but more here so we can archive them correctly.

    Now we want to ask that you take time to clearly review all forums. Some people are doing great, and others put ALL their discussions or most into GeneralTALK forum. Well, you can do that but that leaves our people with the job to redirect messages to the correct forums about once a week. Less time to add new features like the Chat and Speller etc.

    Most of all we move many NON grooming discussions to Off Topics and there are personal messages that would better be in the New Member Introductions or again Off Topics forums please.

    GeneralTALK Forum is grooming in general, not personal matters please. Please save us time.


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    I was wondering about that. Looking at the general discussings board is a bit time consuming. It's easy, before you post, look for a topic it can go under. I'm so glad you're redirecting these...THANK YOU THANK YOU!