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Should I ignoere her?

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  • Should I ignoere her?

    For a few months, I was developing a friendship with another groomer when she called outta-the-blue to ask how to go mobile in addition to her 5yr. chop shop. Strips.. in and out. Doesn't know or use snap ons. Says, it's not brain surgery. She needs a computer chip inserted in her head on how to be a friend. I visited her dirty-stinky shop with no air circ. open scissors on floor w/ fur. no organization. fur-coverd table w/sharp,dull get the pic. She offered to have me work pt at her shop when ever, or when she mobile. I didn't know how to tell her. I'd choke to death in one day in there! Not long after, I met folks ,Parents & married daughter who opened a classy, new shop kitty-corner frm hre. Her lil area has laundry bar, and gun shop. Run-down stripmall. We call em, no women stripper. strip of stores. Anyway. I was offered the as much as I want...maybe teach many mos. from now. Grand opening soon pic for newspaper Sat. She said in essence, if I work there I will create competition for her, and she got angry.I wrote her a letter and told her everyone else is happy for me, I want to slowly phase out of mobile. Old groomers teach when they can't groom.I never heard back from her. Formerly she would call several xs a day. Talk hrs. in eve. I even comforted her w/ moms death. She went thru XMas alone cuz of her treatment of me. She would love this board. She is alone now too.I checked missed cxalls today and her name& # came up-yesterdays date. ShouldI call her and ask whaz up/ or let sleeping dogs lie?I'm sure she is curious.. and has peeked at our shop Poochinis. She used to send me refs not since this prob...

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    It may just be the Jersey in me, but I would be blatantly honest. I would explain to her what I felt about her shop, and how I couldn't work there. I would try to put it in a way not to offend (hard to do). Get it out there though. Maybe she would have made things better in the shop for you.

    Also it depends on you, do you miss having her in your life. If so call her. If you feel better (or at least more peaceful) though with her absence in your life. Don't call.

    In what ever you do, good luck. Tough predicament.


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      Depends on if you want to maintain a friendship outside the grooming. If you like her as a person but just don't agree with how she runs her shop, you could try the diplomatic route and tell her you considered her shop & the one you chose but decided the other one was a better fit for hours and transitioning into teaching. That's a good enough reason, no need to give her every reason. But if she gives you a hard time about your decision, or you don't want her friendship, then don't bother. I have friends that are also groomers and we don't always agree with each other's ways of doing business. But we don't have to work together so we seem to accept the differences easier.


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        Oh, I don't know..we have very different ideas about God..thats' ok. But she put me down for my so-called unrealistic beliefs. She was wishy-washy about her plans to leave and go totally mobile, or move to New Mexico..She is 54 X aNavy gal..doesn't know what shev will do. Has 5-6 dogs to move whereever she goes. We were phone buddies..never lunch.movies..she works 6 days early to late. Lived w/ mom. mom died.. I think she works to not be lonely. I know..I don't hear mine call,Jane? with lilt to her voice either. Mom can't hear about my day anymore, but TG you guys can!I sent J. a letter...that was kindly honest. Not about dirt,rather opport.they offer she can't like teaching in the future..tho'to be honest I wonder if I really qualify.The night the letter had been mailed, she woke me up. (:45. I am usually up. Told her I was a snotty tone. Then she must of gotten the I'm sorry reply..nuttin til this Jan 19th caller ID name and her number show up. For now, I will do nothing. i have way better uplifting friends here in my town.I did refer to groomer board. She has a computer..if she wanted to find us,she coukld.


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          I would let her go and move on, but then I don't have a need for toxic people like that in my life...


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            Whats' w/her? Fishing for info?

            One day a new mobile near T. G. called me..we talked and end3d meeting bfor dinner. She was non-stop talker...yeah I know.. I talk a lot too, but I also listen. She told me every6b step of her grooms like I had never trimmed bangs etc. Then she said twomweird things. She didn't like my greeting on my phone.. I"m too friendly! Girl people will walk all over you. You can't Be friends with clients. You"d never maker it my corporate world. Works fdor me.. Got great friend-clients. Invite me to Xmas eVE 2ND YR NOW. she was like a bad date...The next day wanted to meet for coffe. Sqaid I was busy. Said If I ever sayb anything about her ever to anyone she'd be on me like --- on ---. I had never heard that expression..I don't talk like that. Have heard the rice one. I casually mentioned blessings and she said that offended her...rwef to God. Never called her back. I got rid of toxics ...incvluding my sister. after many arnings. Sad, but i HAVE TO HAVE bOUNDRIES.. i'M VERY SAENSITIVE. tHE BABY OF 2 GIRLS..NEVER TOOK TEAsing or crits well.She also said she was taking all the business away from the rest of us.. I like the Q. can't take away if I don't give it to you. I sent her an impossible Matted Biting monster Scottie..since She casn handle anything. Insecure gal. Like na snarling fear-biter lil dog.Typos..tired


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              i love the name of the shop it is so cute
              I would just sit down and think to yourself, if I never talk to this person again will I miss them? or, If I continue to have this "friendship" will I just have to endure more headaches?
              You sound kind of like me.. I am very sensative too and I put myself out there too much and think of the other person sometimes before myself and how they might feel.
              Don't worry about her. You have come uppon a great opportunity and you should be very happy and proud of yourself. She is probably jealous.
              Bottom line is this.. if she is really a "friend" she will call you to congratulate you and be happy for you.. not critize you.