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    Well, I did it gang. I had my interview with Stephen today about mobile grooming. It was my first attempt at public speaking and I was nervous but I did my best. I stuttered a bit in the beginning but I got through it and pulled myself together. It's scary to think how many people could be listening to that and of course, you want to sound intelligent and well spoken. lol I'm so envious of well-seasoned public speakers (like working chi and gracy rose- they are awesome btw) but I guess you gotta start somewhere. Anyway, I hope you like it. This was a huge challenge for me.

    Stephen: We will let you know when it posted after the processing we have to do. It went really well.

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    Way to go Wet Nose! I understand the fear. I don't even like talking on the phone.


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      you go Ellen! I always get a case of the nerves.


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        [QUOTE=pixiedust;369124]you go Ellen! I always get a case of the nerves.[/QUOTE]

        Really, you do? You always seem so relaxed? And thank you Bee!

        I just listened to it with my hubby. My little heart was pounding away. lol For a first time, I'm satisfied. I couldn't believe it was me.


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          Oh you bet I do! I just listened to it Ellen and it was GREAT! I adore you even more now and I always love to see you at the shows, you have such a warming smile and I'll bet all your dogs love you. I must admit yours was the first interview I have listened to, now I am hooked on Groomer talk Radio,

          Thank you Ellen and Thank you Stephen