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Here come The Best of the Masters to California

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  • Here come The Best of the Masters to California

    July 11-12 2010, Hilton Mission Valley.
    If you want more information send me a private note here and I will get you the information. the hotel is taking reservations and the flyer and registration will be up this weekend....
    Cannot wait to see all of you.

    The seminar will feature; Vero Da Sylva, Donna and Lisa from BlueBerry Facials, Kim Laube and Pam Laurizen,
    If anyone has seen The Best of The Masters at Intergroom, Atlanta or Dallas, this is such a great event!!! you will learn so much and have a great time.

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    Sounds interesting

    but as usual it's a big dog show week-end: 07/11/10 (Sunday) Ventura County Dog Fanciers Assoc. Seaside Park Ventura, CA including the Sunday. I'm a dog show fancier first, groomer second. I hope it goes very well. I'd not heard of the seminar before though.
    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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      Best of the masters

      all info has been mailing out all over, registrations are rolling in and hotel booking up, please let me no if you need info, post here or send me a private message so I can make sure you have what you need..... This is turning into such a great event, thank you all so much for the support....


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        I will be sending in my money this week. When I tried to register online, I kept getting a message that my card wasn't valid.


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          call it in or email it in is the fastest way to get it done. the web page should be ok and we are really sorry for any problems.....
          But this is going to be so amazing...... we have shoppping!!!!! WAGS, Blueberry, Laube, ISCC, SuperCoats, I sugesst if you want something email the vendors and ask them to bring it. !!!!! saves on shipping saves on time........

          All ISCC and IPG members are encouraged to attend, any one looking to get that edge or just want to bring their skill level up!

          Hotell booking up, seats filling up, if you are having problems email me here and I will fix it!


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            we understand

            We understand if you are having hotel issues, so are we... how ever they should be fixed, the hotel will book up so get those in, and... dont forget to register. ISCC and IPG members get a discount as well as 10 or more.....


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              seats are filling up for The Best of The Masters seminar July 11 and 12th. get those registrations in and book those rooms, this is a chance to get great education and prepare you for a fall season of competition.


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                California is rockin the house. Thank you! all for showing such a great intrest in The Best of The Masters, registrations are flying in..... we are all so excited to be there and work with all of you...... but! we are not sold out....yet!!!!
                Thank you!


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                  Here We Come

                  Best of the masters Nov 7 & 8 San Jose California!!!!!!!!