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ISCC is 20 years old this year!

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  • ISCC is 20 years old this year!

    All ISCC Members you are on alert! We are celebrating for you this year!
    All current members in good standing are going to have access to some great times.
    First, LIFETIME membership a last chance for another 20 years, purchase for only!! $500.00 that’s all!
    The SuperCoats Skin and Coat Care Module? Only! $350.00 save over $200!
    and the best!
    This year at THE US PET PRO CLASSIC we are holding an "ISCC Member Only Open House"
    It is private and all for you, The Members! Food, fun, Giveaways, planning and Celebration!
    Members in good standing must wear your pin or have your member # to attend open house, also posting soon your ISCC Member Only price for a Deluxe Package for the Classic.

    We are the year of The ISCC Members so come see us at Intergroom, wear your pin, buy a pin, get special discounts and you never know when someone will approach you and hand you a thank you gift. Wear those pins, stop by and say hello!
    But most of all Thank You, The ISCC Member.

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    Can we buy at any show and join at that price or only the Classic? I can't make the Classic again this year (too soon after my surgery to traipse accross the country), so I am going to Superzoo but I am interested in joining ISCC and becoming certified.


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      ISCC and IPG Come together for The Classic

      Yes you can get your membership on line at or at superzoo.

      For every member or member to be, the ISCC AND IPG are holding one heck of a party in Dallas. all members of these two orginizations welcome.

      IPG is holding a workshop at the classic this year, then together we celebrate THE MEMBERS OF GREAT ASSOCIATIONS.

      ISCC is still having discounts until December, so get your supercoats and Lifetime Membership now we will never have these prices again...........
      come meet and party with all of us August 27th Dallas Texas...........

      Remember ISCC and IPG members get a registration package discount because you are members..... mention that at registration!!!


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        go get the schdule

        The Classic Schedule is up and the check list is up at get those check lists in and IPG members get with IPG about workshop... this is a great place to do certification and mingle at the 25th anniversary of ISCC Assoctian Members!!!! all IPG members invited.