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Anyone going or has been to Groom Clasic in KC MO?

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  • Anyone going or has been to Groom Clasic in KC MO?

    I havnt been, but want to go. Has anyone experienced this event? The Groom Classic in Kansas City MO in April. Wanted to go last year but missed it.
    Any info would be great.

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    We are going to try

    Its a long day trip to get there from Indy, but hubby and I are going to try
    to get there.

    If he can take three days, and we drive one, stay one, and drive one home, it will be fine.

    I just hope its a good show.

    Let us know.


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      I live in the KC area, so I go every year.... It's a good seminar--and there was talk last year about trying a contest. The talk was that we wouldn't be bringing our own dogs, but the dogs would come from local animal shelters. Kinda like the random draws at a rodeo, the competitors would either draw numbers or the computer would match dog/groomer. They also talked about a tag-team contest--two groomers on one dog.... I haven't heard if they're gonna do it this year or if it's still being planned maybe for next year.

      You can also do NDGAA certification at the KC show.


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        I'll be there!

        I have attended Groom Classic every year since it started and wouldn't miss it. I am a self taught groomer and this seminar has helped improved my grooming abilities so much. In fact, last year I saw a WNT van, ended up buying one and starting my own business. Are there any other mobile groomers going??


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          I'm mobile part time (employed by a local pet-sitting/mobile grooming/recently-opened storefront company) and veterinary hospital full time.....

          I always learn SOME new trick I hadn't thought of--either from a fellow attendee or one of the speakers.... Even if the breed techniques are repeats OR breeds few of us ever see.... And of course, I always find some product/tool that I just can't live without!


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            I went to this one for the first time last year and was very happy with the seminar selections and organization. I go to a lot of shows and thought this was a good one although not huge


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              Anyone at Groom Classic, please stop me and say hello.... Maybe we can do lunch or something....

              I'm easy to spot; I'll have a KSDS puppy in tow--a mostly well-behaved 18 month old Golden Retriever in a blue back pack.... Arthur (and Pop before him) helped a lot of groomers get their dog "fix" during the show.... His sister Gilder may also be there, as well as a KSDS Lab pup named Darlington (after the racetrack).....


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                I can only get Sunday off work, so I'm going to try to go for one day. I'm excited as I've never been to an Groom expo.


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                  Originally posted by k9stylist1968 View Post
                  I'll have a KSDS puppy in tow--a mostly well-behaved 18 month old Golden Retriever in a blue back pack.... Arthur
                  How's Arthur doing, Cathy? Did you ever find out the autopsy results for his littermate who died unexpectantly while playing on a golf course?

                  I've gone to the Groom Classic the past 3 years. It's a smaller show compared to others I've been to, but I always have a wonderful time! It's a great learning opportunity, and of course, shopping is always fun! I hope I get to meet others from this group if I decide to go again this year.


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                    Arthur is healthy, happy, and a raging adolescent--wonderfully behaved one minute then acts like he's never had a bit of training the next! The autopsy, histopathology and toxicology on Coral revealed absolutely nothing--so officially her death was due to cardiac arrest of unknown origin. The good news is her foster family now has a new pup--a Lab from the Hotels Litter.


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                      schedule of events?

                      Does anyone know what is going on when? I've checked the website but don't see much of anything at all. Not even an exact address, maybe I'm missing something. I'd love to start making plans early. I think myself and 2 co-workers will be attending on Sunday. I want to make hotel reservations early if possible.


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                        I'm surprised the website hasn't been updated. I too would like to know what seminars are being offered. I received a flyer in the mail today about the show so here's some address info:

                        Show location:
                        KCI-Expo Conv. Center
                        11730 N. Ambassador Dr.
                        Kansas City, MO 64153

                        Holiday Inn
                        11728 N. Ambassador Dr.
                        Kansas City, MO 64153
                        Hotel cutoff 3/19/07
                        $79 per night plus tax
                        $30 Non-refundable Pet Fee

                        For more information contact Mink Int'l. at 800-705-5175



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                          Last year they had the information about the show up sometime in February, so I'd say they'll have it there pretty soon. You can call Mink International at 800-705-5175 and I'm sure they can give you the hotel info so you can get your rooms booked. I keep checking the site too, I'm so ready to go!!


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                            Do they have grooming competitions at this show or just seminars? I am thinking of going.
                            What does a dog do on it's day off?


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                              I called them several weeks ago to have info sent out. I asked if there was a grooming competition, I was told no. I don't know who I spoke to, but he had to pose the question to someone in the background. For what that's worth...

                              I haven't recieved any info yet...soon I hope!

                              I'm hoping to try and make it for one day at least...probably Sun.