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Difficult Dog Series at Groom Expo West Feb 2017

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  • Difficult Dog Series at Groom Expo West Feb 2017

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    Handling And Clipper Techniques For The Most Difficult Dogs
    Chris Pawlosky
    With more than 30 years of experience, Chris has groomed her way out of some challenging situations. To add to the fun, many of Chris’s local veterinarians rely on her experience to handle many of their most difficult clients needing professional grooming. Chris is the stop before the pet has to go under to get groomed. She will share techniques that she uses to keep the pets safe and as comfortable as they will allow and still be groomed. This include clipper skills and handling techniques.

    Vet Advice For Dealing With Difficult Dogs
    Dr. Cliff Faver
    Dr. Faver will be discussing some of the common conditions that make it difficult to groom dogs from the basic old age problems to how to groom dogs post-surgery. It is not uncommon that debilitated dogs and cats actually need to be groomed more often and when done correctly, it can be a very profitable niche. We will discuss basic precautions all the way to products types to consider.

    Difficult Dog Days With Tammy
    Tammy Siert
    Have you ever felt stressed the minute you see a particular dog on your schedule? Is this dog difficult? Is the client difficult? Tammy will give you tips for dealing with these difficult dogs and client. Learn how this can actually help your bottom line by advertising that your experienced in handling dogs that require special needs. Whether it’s a dog that bites and hates grooming or a old dog that can’t stand. Tammy will help you understand the signs that dogs give and techniques to help make their experience the best one yet.

    Working With The No No Bad Dogs!
    Lisa Leady
    Working with no no bad dogs can be a stressful feat, not only for the dog, but for the groomer as well. Sending a dog home unfinished isn't the answer. If you want to learn how to groom this type of dog, this is the seminar you don't want to miss. Lisa will teach you techniques on how to get through a no no bad dog.
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    This sounds like a lot of great information from industry giants may be presented. I would love to hear feedback from any of you attending this seminar in the hopes that I may have the opportunity to see this series presented at Hershey Groom Expo.