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Chuck Simons, Groomers Helper, Show Special

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  • Chuck Simons, Groomers Helper, Show Special

    Chuck being at the Groom and Kennel Expo in Burbank, CA in February and giving away additional grooming loops and a tether repair kit (a $30 value) on top of the low price of $249.95 for Professional Sets of the Groomers Helper? We expect a similar "give away" at other shows in 2007. You can view their trade show schedule here...

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    Hi I love my groomers helper it is definitely a stress saver. If you don't already have one get one you will be pleased.


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      I totally agree with Kari. at first i thought that it was a little that i have used this product i find that the price isnt bad. I never groom dogs without my groomers helper. i dont know how i did without this! i even take it to dog shows with me and have told some of my friends from the dog show about the product too. I would recomend it to sny groomer. New and is a necessary tool to have esp. if you dont like those dogs that you have to chase around the table.


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        I was lucky, the deluxe set CAME with my Gryphon trailer. Hee hee. YAY for Joe and Chuck!


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          seriously....that is awsome.