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I'm using bows for Intergroom!

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  • I'm using bows for Intergroom!

    So I decided that since we haven't agreed on a distinct item to pick each other out from the board, I'm going to have a pink bow or 2 that I made but never used while I was at the petsomething I used to work at (I forgot to take pics of them before leaving work today). I'm going to try to put them on the tag they give you when you register. They're not as obvious as a green hat, but I thought it would be cute and noticable enough. I just hope I remember to take them with me!

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    I am going too this weekend I think Sat. I will wear a pink bow, since I don't have a green hat or whatever....hopefully those shirts will be ready for the groomexpo in Sept., that will be the next grooming show I will attend.


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      I'm going too although this is probably posted too late for all of you that already there. I don't know what I'm wearing yet, but do plan to have a lime green purse thing. I also look like I am a walking zombie....pretty much over worked and all broken out, lol. Hope to meet some of you! I also have tats on each upper on (grinch and jabberwocky) but my shirt will probably cover them up.