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    Hello and thanks for tuning in to this edition of The Glass Globe Turns (more on that later). I was honored this year by earning a nomination for the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards and, as you can see, Beth and I were decked out and ready to dance the night away when my name was announced. Except that... it wasn't!

    Now if you are ever nominated for a Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award and the fabulous Lisa Leady is also nominated, don't get your hopes up! Everyone knows Lisa and the fine work she has done for the industry. According to the ballot, she was nominated for helping to boost the image of groomers everywhere with an appearrance on the popular Animal Planet Show, Groomer Has It. But groomers also know her as a caring person who will help them with her knowledge of professional grooming.

    So congratulations, Lisa! I am glad that you have been recognized the way you deserve to be. Your hosting of the evening's events was marvelous and everyone had a fantastic time. It was a wonderful experience to share that time with you.

    The evening starts with a Who's Who of the grooming business in attendance. As you may know, the Cardinal Crystal Awards banquet is an annual event hosted by Christine DeFillipo and Intergroom. Thank you Christine for keeping this event alive!

    I shared my table with some of the best of the best at my table including Sarah Hawks (nominated for Grooming Contest Judge of the Year), Sue Zecco (nominated for Grooming Contest Judge of the Year and the Congeniality Award) and my old friend Hillary Zusi from Lambert Kay. My lovely wife Beth, a nationally certified master groomer, sat by my side and we were also joined by Cassandra Reed, another star from Groomer Has It. Bring on the food!

    During our appetizers, we watched a parade of beautiful dogs as the winners were announced for the best groomed dogs in the show. What an incredible collection of dedicated groomers! While there were members of GroomTeam USA amongst the competitors, there were many more who aspired to be a part of the team and who loved the spirit of competition in the ring.

    With everything that was happening and all the excitement, the awards banquet felt like something was missing. Vivian was there, but John was not. He certainly was there in spirit, and yet it will never be the same without him. As long as I have been a part of Intergroom, John Nash was there to make everything ok for all of us.

    Joey Villani was kind enough to present his thoughts and feelings on the passing of a legend. After all, John and Vivian were as close to Joey as anyone can be and made him a part of their extended family. We watched a pilot from a reality show that featured the Nash Academy in all its glory. Everyone in the show was smiling and passionate about being a part of Nash. It was easy to see how John and Vivian affected all of us in the grooming business.

    I was thrilled that Olga Zabelinskaya took both the American Groomer of the Year and Congeniality awards. She is such a sweetheart and I have yet to see her feathers ruffled about anything. She is always smiling, and is kind and approachable. Way to go Olga!

    It was also great to see Deb Ryan take home the International Groomer of the Year award. She accepted by way of a long distance cell phone call (isn't technology awesome) and we all could hear her screams of excitement from Australia.

    When the big moment came and I waited to hear if I was this year's winner of the David G. Salzberg award, we all crossed our fingers for luck. Sue Watson, Lisa Leady's big sister and another legend in the grooming business, had the honor of presenting the award. She read the nominations and, while I received a round of applause for my nomination, the winner was Lisa.

    My consolations were many and I thank everyone for their support. I would especially like to thank Linda Claflin, who I feel got me the nomination. Also, thanks to Cardinal for their support of the industry, the wonderful letter they sent for my nomination and the delicious Starbuck's coffee I enjoyed with the gift certificate they presented me.

    Still, as you can see below, I earned a few other awards which I will treasure. Thanks Ann Stafford who organizes the Atlanta Pet Fair every year for presenting me with a DOXY for my participation in that event. I also helped myself to one of the lovely centerpieces at the awards banquet which is now sitting (and spinning) on my desk. I consider it a consoltion prize, but the real rewards were dining with dear friends old and new, being with my lovely wife and being a part of such an amazing business!

    Let's hear it for everyone who lost this year!

    American Groomer of the Year
    Greta Dalrymple
    Kendra Otto
    Irina Pinkusevich

    International Groomer of the Year
    Shaunna Bernardin
    Jackie Boulton
    Clayton Muniz
    Connie Verschuren

    Grooming Contest Judge of the Year
    Sarah Hawks
    Ann Martin
    Kathy Rose
    Sue Zecco

    Grooming Journalist of the Year
    Daryl Conner
    Teri DiMarino
    Missy Salzberg
    Chris Sertzel

    The Congeniality Award
    Jukie Wilkins Pantages
    Linda Claflin Phelps
    Chris Sertzel
    Sue Zecco

    David G. Salzberg Award
    Chris Sertzel
    Chuck Simons

    You are ALL WINNERS in my book!

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