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Michigan, Indiana, Illinois Training needed

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  • Michigan, Indiana, Illinois Training needed

    Does anyone know of any seminars, shows or any type of training that is a available in any of these states any time soon? I am home from my full time job with a broken leg so would be a perfect opportunity for me to attend & learn anything grooming related I can while I have some time. Thanks, Terri

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    Jackson Michigan

    Hi - There was/is one called A Day with Lindsey...Hands on Grooming Seminar on Sunday, March 14 from 9 to 4 in Jackson, MI

    I was going to go but now can't. Not sure if you can still get in.. but you can contact Doug Berry.
    517 936 4077 or [email protected]

    Cost was $50.00 to observe or $75.00 if you bring a dog..

    Hopefully that helps...Just not sure if it's still happening or not...


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      Jackson, MI

      Thanks, I will check into it, I a only about 2 hours from there so could be possible for me to do. Terri


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        There is the All American Show in Wheeling, IL and the HH Backer Show in IL as well.

        Illinois also has La Best grooming school.
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          checking into the one in JacksonMI now

          The All American Show in Wheeling is my favorite in my area but that is quite a ways off. Terri


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            There is a hands on Airdale seminar coming up in DeKalb April 11th. Let me know if you want more info on that.
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              DeKalb, ILL

              Well it looks like it is about 2 1/2 hours from me. Are they only working on Airedales? I only have 2 that I do right now & one doesn't even want hers to look like an Airedale in the face at all. LOL I definitely could use some experience in this area as all other breeds, send some info & I will check it out. Terri


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                Need info on the March 14th Jackson, MI seminar

                Jackson, MI March 14th
                My husband & I are planning on going to this seminar, I am so excited. Douglas sent me the pdf but I deleted it on accident. Can anyone forward it to me or the exact address of the seminar? Thanks,


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                  Lindseys seminar was Great

                  Well I went to Lindsey's seminar in Jackson. OMG I loved it! I did learn a lot, the people were all great & I felt very comfortable there. I would definitely go again if they have another seminar. Lindsey did an excellent job on the demonstrations. If you brought a dog she would do half of the dog & then you would finish the rest of the dog & if you needed any help she was there. Some parts she would do like the whole face or something but then you finished it. I don't know how advanced everyone's grooming techniques are but I am a newbie & a lot of people there weren't newbie's & still enjoyed it. Also She let people ask any questions any time, of course I always had something to ask. LOL She explained it all very well. I highly recommend going if she has another one. Terri