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Barbara Bird At North West Grooming Show

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  • Barbara Bird At North West Grooming Show

    So some great industry leaders will be at The Pacific NW Grooming Show. Pass the word so now along with great people we have great Speakers, Our firt competitions and the first Meet and greet Dance Party. We need to spread the word and hope for a great turn out. The bigger we get guarantees the North West show will continue on
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    actually its not the first competition, just the first one in eons. It is going to be a great show tho :d


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      You sure can't

      beat that. I hope they draw lots of people.
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        they're keeping Melissa's appearance a secret, she wasn't listed in the seminar schedule...I'd like to know for sure since that would be changing my whole schedule for the show.
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          Melisssa at show??

          Sorry - someone is mistaken unless there is a hidden plan ticket somewhere that I don't know about. I'm not scheduled for this show...

          I AM scheduled 3/4/10 at the Atlanta Pet Fair with 4 NEW lectures - I was starting to think I was nuts trying to do so many new programs at once but I just did a test run at Paragon last week to about 20 students and professionals. I'm thrilled to report, they all got rave reviews.

          Admin: Hmm. OK, we will edit thread. Thanks.


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            OK my mistake Sorry, When I was on Melissa's site and was looking at the events calander it listed the North West Grooming Show. It must just be a calander of industry events not where she is going to be. My apologies. But it is still going to be a great show
            "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"