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Starting a Commotion!

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  • Arrooh

    great minds think alike. That will be great.

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  • Lucy in the Sky
    started a topic Starting a Commotion!

    Starting a Commotion!

    When is going to have a booth at a show??? I am sure we would all love to meet the wonderful, dedicated staff that works on this amazing resource. Of course, you may all be smothered in hugs, lol. Really, it would be cool to see the business plan in a box, buy Petgroomer Tshirts, bags, mugs, etc...
    But mostly to be able to see and thank you all in person would be terrific.
    What say?????

    Stephen: When all of the Box is done then we will go, so we are talking about a 2011 circuit. We are now about 70% done and will finish it this year. Thanks, and by the way, the booth has already been designed on paper with fun ideas.