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  • Melissa VerPlank was great

    in Los Angeles area today. Good for newcomers, I think but especially greatest for those groomers who've been grooming a year or so and want to improve tremendously. Well I've been grooming for many years and I got some good information, a few things that I can hardly wait to try. That is saying a lot, as I've groomed a long time and done dog shows for a long time too. I was never bored, she speaks well with humor added and sincerity. There was surprisingly not very high attendance, but thought that the message did not get out. I never heard about except for through the board, no mailers that were supposed to have been sent out. Only one there from the board was Debbie that I knew of, which was fun, but she said she is more a lurker.

    Melissa said it was so much fun to have Stephen there in Seattle and what a good sport he was.
    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.

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    Arrooh, hi. I was a bit confused when you were kind enough to say hello to me at Melissa's seminar. I have never posted on this board before and have never been on this board before today. I thought you were talking of another board that I do post comments on. Out of curiousity I joined this board today to see what you mean't when you said I would know you. It was nice to meet you yesterday and I'm sorry I didn't take more time to talk with you but I wasn't feeling that great. By the way, what did you mean by being a "lurker"? LI have great admiration for Melissa and I took with me several ideas that I will use in my business. Like you, I have been grooming a long time as well and I agree with your comments on her seminar.


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      Lurker's nothing bad it just means you read the board but don't post much.


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        When Melissa asked if any joined in message boards, I saw you raise your hand. Then I asked you if you were on You likely didn't get which board I meant, but I thinks you said you didn't post, or didn't post much. That is what we call a lurker, meaning no offense, just that they (and I understand hundreds do here) just read, enjoy all the information, but for whatever reason don't join by sharing/posting.

        So heck if the confusion got you to join this board that is a great thing. We didn't really have much time to talk anyway, I just wanted to meet you and glad I did. Sorry you didn't feel well, you looked fine and sparkly. Melissa keeps the information hopping. I went to lunch with a couple of participants and got to know them. Really nice people. I sure do recommend the seminar for everybody.
        Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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          I'm just ditzy sometimes

          Hi again Arrooh. I really do apologize for the confusion I created. I may have looked perky but I really wasn't. Something I ate the night before wasn't agreeing with me. I also suffer from migraines from time to time and I have learned to put on a happy face inspite of my occassional discomfort. I'm also a bit ditzy! LOL Anyway, sorry. I post reguarly on a similar board and I thought that was the board you were referring to. Anyway, this is a great tool for the grooming community and I commend anyone who is motivated enough to want to learn from others and to those that can pass on tidbits of support and information to their fellow peers. You can never really learn enough. Thanks to you I joined this board today and look forward to opening up lines of communication that can benefit us all. Like Melissa, I am self-taught and mentored under some of the best and have mentored others just starting out. I agree with Melissa that scissoring is a lost art so I went to her seminar to really understand why it is I strive to make every dog perfectly scissored and why I am never totally content with my end results. She told me in Burbank that even the competition dogs being groomed by award stylists aren't perfectly done and that inspired me to hear more. I pick apart my work all the time, the dog looks great to everyone else but me. My weakness is learning how to create what I want in a more efficient time period, in other words, creating the look and quality I want faster. I also learned that it takes time to comb and scissor and comb and scissor and there aren't many short cuts that will achieve the desired look. But the westie head "shortcut" she demostrated was a great tip that I will try out on my next westie. Thanks for motivating me to join this board. Next time I see you, maybe we can talk more.


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            No apolgy needed

            It was fine, I got to meet you and you are here. Gee I identify some with you. I have had to work hard to say the dog I groomed is very good looking. I take too long and use the scissors a lot. I've had two customers recently say they see me as an artist. I have learned to use more snap on combs and pleased so much more with the Taxi-vac's smoother cut. I admire Melissa, have for a bit, love the book and was right, I learned some from her. Learn from this board to, often.
            Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.