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Intergroom 2007 Seminar

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  • Intergroom 2007 Seminar

    For those of you who have not met Monique Van de Ven in Atlanta, a new speaker from Europe who is on the Intergoom list of speakers for the first time this year, here are a few of the items she will discuss:

    * The 3 different types of coat and their needs
    * How to maintain and protect the skin
    * Different solutions for different climates * What to consider in the case of a problem dog. How to bathe ?
    * What is the point of using both shampoos and conditioners plus lotions ?
    * How to sell your work to your clients
    * How to compose your prices

    Monique has presented seminars throughout Europe, Asia and lately in North & South America. She has also published a grooming manual in Spain, was host of a pet grooming radio show and trained several champion groomers in Europe. I think she will provide a refreshing new outlook on grooming practices. I urge you to sign up for her class.

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    Which one of the master classes is this?

    I hope it's the skin and coat class, I signed up for that one. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm taking the Friday Poodle class too. I'm so.... excited. I can't wait.


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      Skin & Coat Seminar

      Yes it is !