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    Thanks to all who visited us in Atlanta! What a great time we had. Did anyone have a chance to eat at that Spondivit's restaurant next to the hotel? And what did y'all think of the Kenchi party?

    Please post some feedback and tell me if you stopped by the booth! I look forward to your response and remind everyone that our next big shows are Groom Classic in Kansas City and then Intergroom in Somerset, NJ.

    Cya on the road again!

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    See Ya in KC!

    Arthur and I will be sure and stop to say hello!


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      Loved Atlanta

      Didn't get a chance to eat that restaraunt or the Kenchi party----but I got to do the most important, #1 thing on my list....I got to buy the Groomers Helper!

      I love it and feel more confident as a new groomer. My instructor with over 25 years of experience is besides herself with her new GH. She cannot believe how she has groomed all of these years without it! In fact, our first day back to work and she gets "Cujo" the little dog that always tries to naw off your left hand. Every time she has ever groomed him, he has always gotten her, but not this time! You would have thought she won the lottery, with the bounce she had in her step the rest of the day!

      Thanks Chuck, for a very good quality product!


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        I did go to Atlanta and stopped by the booth I think. I remember seeing you, but cant place were. I liked the Kenchi party, but it was hard to hold a conversation, fun though! As far as the classes, they were good, but I think some focus was lost on what pet groomers really were looking for to better themselves and their profession.


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          Sondivits! Loved it! It was recommended by the concierge of the hotel, so we tried it. It definitely wasn't somewhere that I would have gone just by passing by, but the food was FANTASTIC! We got a bucket of king grab legs and shrimp, and their clam chowder was to die for!

          Of course, the show was great too. I spent way to much money, and didn't get to see as much competition as I wanted to. Loved the creative grooming and the potpourri class.

          I stopped by the booth to get buy a new DVD (lost mine in the fire we had), and the person working with you was kind enough to give me a new one and a loop as well, because I needed another one. That was greatly appreciated it. Everytime I walked by your booth it was busy.

          I got a free plane ticket because I got bumped from my flight on the way down (the flight I got put on was a direct flight and we ended up getting to Atlanta an hour earlier than we would have).
          don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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            Best Clam Chowder I ever had!

            Dear Furry,

            I have been to the best seafood resturants all over the US and can say, "What a place, Spondivits", an old house that at any trime takes a 1/2 hour to 1 hour to be seated.

            We (4 of us) had a bucket of King Crab Legs, a bucket of Snow Crab legs, a bucket of Shrimp, and a bucket of Lobster tails, two dozen of the best oysters I have ever had and a cup of the best clam chowder I ever had.

            Glad you liked Mark he is my new permanent "Groomers Helper Helper" and works with me at the shop. That was his first grooming trade show and he did great.

            Thanks for stopping by. Will you be attending any other shows this year?



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              I admit it...I'm a trade show junkie now....I am definitely going to Intergroom and to the NEPGP in November. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to Hershey.

              From first impression, I say you did well hiring Mark. I would have never guessed he was new and that it was his first trade show.

              Well. now I know who to go to to get the names of the good Seafood restaurants around the country. They're difficult to find. lol!
              don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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                Atlanta Pet Fair Winner

                We picked the winner of the free Groomers Helper Starter Set from the entries we received at the Atlanta Pet Fair. The latest winner from is [b]LUVKITTIES[/b], a Puppy Member of the board.

                [b]CONGRATULATIONS![/b] Your Groomers Helper will arrive soon!

                Remember that I give a free grooming loop and the chance to win a Groomers Helper Starter Set to one lucky member of this board at every tradeshow I attend. Just visit the booth and tell us that you are a member and you will get an entry form. PLEASE SPELL YOUR USER NAME CLEARLY!

                [i]And check out the tradeshow schedule to see when you can win -[/i]



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                  I went to Altanta last year and I still haven't forgotten Spondivits. We went twice. Absolutely the best!!!!!!


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                    Uh oh. LUVKITTIES just bought a Groomers Helper. LOL, now she has two!!!

                    Tammy in Utah
                    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                      APF rocked!

                      I had done Spondivits last year and enjoyed it again this year.
                      All the Vendors seemed to be happy with the turn out when I asked them about how they were doing. What a captive audience Huh.
                      I always have to come by your booth at whatever Conference I attend. I always watch you do that voodoo you do and I always find that there is yet another way to use the GH that I had forgotten about. As I hear you go through the many challenges that we go through on any given day I feel the light go on and get one of those, AHA's.
                      I thought the Kenchi party was real nice. That Luther is like the Energizer Rabbit. It was fun to watch the fun.


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                        Red or White?