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U.S. Pet Pro Classic on the Set of "Dallas" in 2007

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  • U.S. Pet Pro Classic on the Set of "Dallas" in 2007

    Early word is that this year's U.S. Pet Pro Classic will be their 20th Anniversary and will take place Nov. 8-11 at the Southfork Hotel and Ranch, home of the famous TV series Dallas. As many have learned they really really focus on educational programs for which the ISCC is well known, and reasonable pricing. More info to come as the year progresses.
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    Wow, how did I miss this thread? I am so excited, I have saved my tips for 3 months so far (though I just paid for the Melissa Verplank Seminar), and I will keep saving until I make it to the Pet Pro Classic!!! SO EXCITED! And what a fun place to have it at! I hope it's not too far from the airport!

    Tammy in Utah

    Stephen: May see you there Spikey, they have asked me to speak and we will have a Box booth. Nothing confirmed yet. It's a biggie for them being this anniversary, I think there will be a black tie dinner or?? More info is coming.
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      Originally posted by SpikeyTheYorkie View Post
      Stephen: May see you there Spikey, they have asked me to speak and we will have a Box booth. Nothing confirmed yet. It's a biggie for them being this anniversary, I think there will be a black tie dinner or?? More info is coming.
      That's why I'm so excited: 20th anniversary = GOOD DEALS I HOPE!!! I'm saving and saving and saving my tips. Black tie dinner? Oh, I'll be bummed without my hubby there. You'll have to be my date, I'll be the one in the pink dress, so make sure your tie and cumber bun match (or whatever that crumb catcher thing is called). Now where is that "raspberry" emoticon when I need it?

      Serously, I'm very excited for this! I'm going to register as an ISCC member at their show special price, too, maybe pick up a Groom Bus. in a BOX there as well. KEEP US POSTED ON INFORMATION AS YOU HEAR IT, STEPHEN!!!

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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        Free Stuff!!!!!!

        ImageTech has graciously donated 200 pairs of shears to give to the first
        200 registrants! They are going fast so make sure to get your registrations
        in SOON!

        The top creative stylists are being invited to compete in the 1st Laube
        Creative Styling Challenge Invitational to be held at the U. S. Pet Pro Classic. Laube is putting up a $5000 prize package for the Invitational! Come see the top Creative stylists compete for such wonderful prizes!!!

        This is also the 20th Anniversary of the Classic! The contest, trade show
        and seminars will be held at the South Fork Ranch and Hotel November 8-11, 2007.

        For more information check out! Hope to see you there!!!


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          Awesome rates!!!!!

          Went to, looked at tickets plus hotel for 3 nights round trip from San Jose, CA to Dallas Fort Worth, plus 3 nights at South Fork hotel = $353/ person! That is a savings over the special rate advertised for the event, and it is for a King bed! Just thought I would share. I may be able to swing this after all!! I would have to rent a car, of course, so another $60, but I would do that anyway. I am excited to go to a show. I won't have enough saved by September for the Vegas show even though it is closer.
          I was looking at the registration forms, and was thinking about just getting a one day package and then 2 trade show days, but where do I find out what seminar are offered when? Is the deluxe package really worth it? then it will be almost $700 for everything. Hmmm, please share your input everyone!


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            Yes, the entire show is well worth it! I go every year and have for a number of years now. I learn more at this show than at any other show I attend---every year!! Hope to see you there!!!!!!


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              Thank-you, Lucy!!

              I was able to book my flight and room for $546 on Travelocity That is cheaper than I could find it elsewhere---thanks!!!!!!! I'm arriving Thursday and leaving Monday so it was a bit more for the motel but I like to arrive early and not be in a hurry to get where I need to go---must be getting old, reckon!!


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                Going, Going, soon to be GONE!

                Just a reminder: The deadline for early registration to qualify for the free ImageTech shears is TOMORROW, Saturday, Sept. 1 at midnight central. That's Texas time ya'll!! And these are not some cheap piece of junk, they are some really nice shears!

                The deadline for the pre-registration to receive the discounted entry fee is 10/28/07. You can contact them at the number listed on the web site or email through the web site at


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                  Judge's List for the 2007 U.S. Pet Pro Classic

                  From Scott Wasserman, PDS, MPS, Meritus. This is the judge's list for the
                  20th US Pet Pro Classic.

                  Class Novice Intermediate Open Group
                  Lisa Leady
                  Paul Bryant
                  Kim West
                  Jerry Been

                  Lisa Leady
                  Luther Edmonson
                  Grace Woodford
                  Kim West

                  Lg Non Sport
                  Sue Pratt
                  Kim West
                  Trish Finn
                  Luther Edmonson

                  Sm Non Sport
                  Kim West
                  Sue Pratt
                  Jerry Been
                  Grace Woodford

                  Grace Woodford
                  Lisa Leady
                  Luther Edmonson
                  Trish Finn

                  Best In Show Sue Watson

                  Best All Around By Points

                  Creative Invitational Debra Walker & Kim West

                  Creative Challenge Debra Walker

                  Bow Competition Paul Bryant and Jerry Been

                  Best Groomed Schnauzer- Paul Bryant

                  REMINDER! This is the 20th Anniversary of the U. S. Pet Pro Classic! The
                  Best in Show Ball is BLACK TIE! If you win a group you MUST be in
                  formalwear to show your dog. IF you are not, someone else will be showing it for you!

                  Don't be left out!

                  Scott Wasserman
                  Contest Manager
                  U.S. Pet Pro Classic


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                    From Scott Wasserman PDS, MPS, Meritus

                    For those of you who didn't make it to Intergroom, I will be presenting my
                    seminar, "A Day with Mr. Terrier" on Sunday, November 11th at the U. S. Pet Pro Classic. The seminar is an in depth discussion on Terrier types, Conditioning terrier coats, Geometrics and MUCH MUCH more, including hands on demonstrations!

                    This is just the tip of the iceberg for education at the Classic!!!

                    Hope to see you there!

                    Scott Wasserman


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                      Top Ten reasons to go

                      If you are sitting on the fence trying to decide if you are going to go to the Classic or if you are waiting for a catalog (already out) email or call to get one.
                      here are the top reasons to register before the deadlines hit next week.
                      10. Great Specials from vendors.
                      09. See good friends and laugh allot while getting all dressy dressed up for the Pet Barons Ball.
                      08. Mention Scott Wasserman or Melissa Sirianni and get a pair of shears when registering. (we only have 20 each)
                      07. Could win over $5000 in door prizes. i.e. tubs, tables, shears, clippers.
                      06. Laube Creative Invitational
                      05. Here are some speaker; Dannelle German, Billy Rafferty, Gina Sutton, Lisa Leady, Suesan Watson, and Yuriko Sayama from Japan.
                      04. The Blueberry girls will be there with a booth so will Aussie Dog, and Kim and Jacqueline and the entire Laube Crew will be there everybody loves the Laube booth…..bring those tools Kim will be on site…..
                      03. OSHA oh my goodness the best ever Certificate program anyplace ever.
                      02. A day with Mr. Terrier.
                      And… the number one reason to attend The US Pet Pro Classic in Dallas, TX.
                      To support and give back to Pam Lauritzen. The one person that has been there for all of us over the past 20 years +.
                      To show Pam that everything, every kind word, every time she has taken a moment to give us support we appreciate her for that.
                      This is the person that has always given of herself to all of us that have been blessed to have her take time for us. She should be shown by all of us that she is appreciated for that. Pam has always taken the time to talk to us/you when we had questions or just wanted to complain.
                      Put on those beautiful party cloths and Wisk yourselves into an unforgettable evening at the Pet Barons Ball.....
                      Thank You from the Staff of the US Pet Pro Classic for 20 great years.
                      We look forward to seeing you at our celebration of Pam and Chuck Lauritzens hard work and dedication to education for such a great Industry.....


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                        Dallas Info please read

                        All shears are gone do not mention anyones name or anything else, as of Sunday Midnight October 21, 2007, the Aussie Dog most bestest donation ever in history (I think) is gone.
                        Thank you for registering just cannot wait to see all of you at the Classic, do not stop registering tho, just cause the shears are gone means nothing, we have over $5000 in door prizes, tables like 3, I no Luther made two,and I bet they are like anniversary cool, a tub more shears, clippers, and stuff stuff stuff.
                        Free trade show......
                        So thank you, thanks Aussie Dog and all of our sponsors for the giving of give this year.
                        The US Pet Pro Classic Staff and Pam & Chuck Lauritzen


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                          Be on gaurd

                          As some are aware the registration confirmations have been going in the mail.
                          these are some things you need to know.
                          1. If you have not registered, do so... early registration deadline is here, and you may have to wait till you get to the show, and let me be the first to say standing in line to register is no picnic, get those registrations in early please.
                          2. If you are a speaker get your speaker confirmation back in.
                          3. If you are contestant and have speacial needs/music for creative get us that information asap.
                          4. If you need a hotel room and cannot get one contact the office asap! that is for anyone out there.
                          5. If you are a vendor and have any questions or concerns please contact me melissa at 210-365-3731.

                          Right now the Classic registration office and email is slammed, if you try to get through and cannot do not get angry, try calling me, or Scott, email me or Scott there are other ways to get through, do not get upset, this years show will be huge and fun and magical, lets all stay calm and relaxed and make it the best for Pam, she earned 20 years, and she should have the best 20th anniversry show, so come on get to this show and show her you Thank her for all the years of support she gave you.

                          PS Dont forget we have a bow contest..... brake out those 20th anniversary bows