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dates for cape canaveral?

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  • dates for cape canaveral?

    can anyone tell me the dates and where i can find info for this show? heck, the name of it?


    Stephen: We are repairing the Calendar here, but you can go to and look in October.

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    Its called Fun in the Sun, usually always held in Cocoa Beach (Near Daytona) in Florida over the Halloween weekend each year. I went 3 years ago and about 300 people attend. Its a small show held in a good hotel and the rooms were at that time around $89/night dont know now. They have a pizza halloween costume party with a DJ and seminars and competitions. If you click onto you will find all the info and calendar.


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      Oops, it is on the front page - Its going to be held October 26th, 27th and 28th 2007. contact NDGAA


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        thanks salon, my mom lives in melbourne which is just to the south of cocoa beach, i figure it's a good excuse to go visit sounds like lots of fun!


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          That show does sound like lots of fun. I think I'm going to plan on making it this year. I live near Daytona Beach, so I shouldn't have any excuses for not making it one of the