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Voting Ballot-Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards

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  • Voting Ballot-Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards

    And the nominees are...


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    What About Stephen?

    What About Stephen? Look what he has done for groomers. What would we do without this forum...and the friendships? Can we vote for Stephen? I"m not kidding. Well next year then.


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      Originally posted by mustluvdogs1 View Post
      Can we vote for Stephen?
      The deadline for nominations was January 31st, and the nomination ballot was available under "Grooming Industry Events." You're right though, there will be another opportunity to do so next year.

      I'm hoping with all my heart that Barbara Bird takes home the Journalist Award this year. She's 67 years old so I'd love to see her get recognized for all of her contributions to our industry before she retires. She published 4 books last year including [i]Beyond Suds and Scent: Understanding Pet Shampoos and Conditioners[/i] which I believe is the first of its kind in our industry. Her Groom Blog is an excellent educational resource and available to all groomers free of cost. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for her!



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        Yes Barbara Bird

        I have talked to her by phone a few times and she is really nice. I want to get her book about shampoos etc and others. I spoke to her a few days ago. I like that as busy as she is, she is still available to the little guy like me.I also bought my Ivac from her.


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          B Bird is a great lady, and an invaluable teacher for our industry, I am glad to see her on the ballot this year.


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            Voting Ballot - Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards

            Just a reminder that the deadline for voting is April 6th so if you haven't done so already, here's the link again:




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              Last Day to Vote - Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards

              If you haven't voted already, today is the last day to do so. The link for the voting ballot is provided in another post above.



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                And the winners are:

                Cross post:
                The 2006 Cardinal Crystal Grooming Award winners

                Judge of the Year: Christina Polowski

                Congeniality: Daryl Conner

                International Groomer of the Year: Jackie B.

                Journalist: Barbara Bird

                David Salsberg: Joyce Laughery

                American Groomer of the Year: Vera DeSilva

                Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!