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Cheers to Arrooh from Groomers Helper

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  • Cheers to Arrooh from Groomers Helper

    Well I am back from Burbank and WHAT A GREAT SHOW! It was terrific meeting members of the Pet Groomer Forums message boards and giving out free products to everyone who introduced themselves! Thanks! Congrats to the Winner of our Starter Set giveaway - SUPERMUTTS

    And CHEERS to ARROOH for all her support during the show. What a professional and such an asset to Groomers Helper! I never would have made it through the show without Arrooh's help - The Groomers Helper Helper!

    In fact, we now have a Groomers Helper Helper Club forming as satisfied customers come forward with their support of the product and great testimonials. WOW! Please check our tradeshow schedule so we can meet at an upcoming show. If you live near one of the shows, then please contact me and we'll see if we can get you into the Club.

    Thanks again to Arrooh for all her hard work and dedication to Groomers Helper. I look forward to Burbank 2008 (which is less than a year away depending on the date of the show)! What a great experience!
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    Hi, I was glad I got to meet 2 members from here, it's always cool to put a face with a name. Thanks for the free gift! Good job Arrooh you looked like a pro up there.