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APF Fund Raiser - Patsy Edmonson - Donations/Volunteers Needed

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  • APF Fund Raiser - Patsy Edmonson - Donations/Volunteers Needed

    Once again one of our friends needs our help.

    We will do a fundraiser in Atlanta for Patsy, but need help.

    Volunteers are needed to help with the fundraiser.

    Donations are also needed. If you are coming to the show and have a donation, please bring it with you and give it to Luther who is the Official APF Good Will Ambassador. You can find him in the Lanier Room.

    Email me privately if you want to volunteer or have a donation.

    The following update was received this morning:

    Our very close friend Patsy Edmonson was involved in a head on collision with an auto transport truck that lost control on wet pavement on December 29, 2006. Due to her critical condition, Patsy was transported to Brooks Army Medical Center , Ft Sam Houston, TX where she had emergency surgery the evening of the accident for internal organ injuries & has undergone surgery upon both of her legs which sustained multiple fractures & crushing injuries to both of her ankles & has had additional surgery upon her fractured hips & arms. There have been complications of infection, fever, pneumonia & respiratory difficulties to overcome, but on February 5, 2007 Patsy was transferred to Texas Neuro Rehab hospital in Austin , TX as she continues the long journey to recovery. Patsy needs the help & support of everyone to rebuild her life as the trucker who caused the collision was not insured & the possibility of restitution from those who hired him is very doubtful.

    Ann Stafford