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Groom Expo Zoom or download option?

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  • Groom Expo Zoom or download option?

    Is Groom Expo offering the option of attending classes via Zoom? Can one purchase and download a class? I am not attending, but am interested in a class.

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    I don’t believe so, they haven’t offered a hybrid class option for the other shows so far and Hershey’s registration is already live. I do believe they will be doing an online event in October? Not sure of the details on that though.


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      Not this year. In person only.


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        I think they are missing the boat. There are a lot of folks out here that attended on Zoom last year and saw the possibilities for this in the future.
        Living on the West Coast it’s not always feasible to travel to Hershey. We usually make it there about every 5 years or so. And travel now is just crazy!
        Even in pre-COVID times, air travel has just become awful.
        It was so nice to sit in my living room and watch ALL the seminars!


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          I agree dogma.
          Nothing will replace the excitement of actually being at a trade show, smelling the shampoos, holding the shears, checking out the newest clipper on the market. Nothing can replace zooming in on what interests you the most during the grooming competitions instead of what a camera has zoomed in on. Nothing can replace sitting down to dinner with strangers and the ensuing fun of questions and answers and learning with people who ‘get’ you, coming away with new friends. Nothing can replace the thrill of coming face to face with the speakers ( I admit to a little bit of hero worship). And no on screen time can replace meeting Sam Kohl and having him not only autograph my book, but give me a hug as well! That was my second year and I’m pretty sure I swooned!
          So I will always want to attend trade shows. But when I can’t, I am surprised and disappointed that those amazing seminars are not available for purchase in some way.


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            Poodlefeet….Yes, Yes and YES!!!