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VWGC New Online Competition System

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  • VWGC New Online Competition System

    About the New Online Competition System

    IJA has designed the most innovative online
    education system in the industry with the new online competitions with certifications with in-depth evaluations of the trim styles by coat types.

    International Scoring System
    Bathers, groomers, and stylists can compete in the live dog and model dog online competitions with certifications to receive scores and ratings based on the International scoring system established in 1999 by Vivian and John Nash, co-founders of IJA.

    Certification by Coat Types
    Competitors receive their critiques from the elite panel of IJA judges who oversee the online evaluations designed to teach, train and test bathers, groomers, and stylists worldwide.
    Entries are first evaluated and scored by the panel of IJA judges.
    After the evaluations, the entries are registered to the correct competition and competition class.
    After entries are registered, the IJA judges discuss and place competitors based on a panel system of judging.​
    Competitors Compete as Individual Competitor and as Team Member Competitor
    Competitors Compete in One or All Team Competitions
    State Team
    Country Team
    Salon Team
    Best Friends Team
    Corporate Team
    Competitors Compete in Live Dog and Model Dog Competitions
    Live Dog Competitions
    Model Dog Competitions
    Competitors Compete in One or All of the Competitions
    Live Dog Purebreed Competition for all coat types.
    Live Dog Freestyle Competition for all coat types.
    Live Dog Creative Competition
    Model Dog Creative Competition
    Model Dog Purebreed Competition

    Coordinators post updates to the message for grooming events, members contests, Classified Ads, GroomerTALK Radio shows and Magazine online.