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poodle clips for competition.

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  • poodle clips for competition.

    Looking at competitions I see alot of the puppy and German clips. Can you compete a banded clip like the sweetheart clip and what are the pros and cons?

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    Let me be upfront and say the only competitions I have done is Rescue Rodeo, however in reading the rules it appears you may do a banded clip for poodle competition. Back when I learned to groom, if you could do a banded clip well, you were a rock star groomer. Everyone who wanted to show off their scissoring skills (you have to scissor all your banding in) and anatomy knowledge (choosing the correct banded style to minimize a long body for example, or placing the banding correctly on the body) would have an edge over a puppy clip. Sadly the trend faded, but maybe it will be revived again (look at the recent resurgence of hand stripping - everything old is new again!). You may just be the trend setter here! Seeing as most of the competition judges are close to my age, they may well appreciate a well done banded clip.


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      Thank you! I have been grooming ten years but recently added a standard poodle puppy to my group. I of course will try to pick a hair cut that fits her body right. And I just love the look of banded trims. Right now she is in a sweetheart trim. Not perfectly done but just to get her used to the process without taking too much coat off. I'm now going to grow out for awhile. She is nine weeks so I have plenty of time!


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        Do you have Shirlee Kalstone's book, Poodle Clipping and Grooming: The International Reference? If not, I highly recommend this for your grooming library. Available at Amazon and well worth the money. Full of great information. Also lots of patterns in it to try out on your dog.