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First competition Rescue Rodeo at 2015 Superzoo

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  • First competition Rescue Rodeo at 2015 Superzoo

    I am going to be attending Superzoo in July and I'm considering trying out a grooming competition. I've never gone to superzoo before and I've never done any sort of competition so I'm super nervous about it. I was thinking of trying the Rescue Rodeo competition since I think I'd be less nervous and then I'd be helping out a rescue dog.

    Has anyone done this before and can tell me what to expect?

    I found some info online but still have a lot of questions such as:
    What is the cost of entry?
    When is it held?
    When/how do you register?
    Any kind of stuff you are not allowed to use?

    From what I'm seeing I should be prepared for and type of dog in any condition so I figured I should bring: groomers helper, towels, shampoo, dematting spray, slicker brush, comb, clipper (Arco and reg), shears (thinning and curves at least), an assortment of blades and clipon combs, stripping knives Ear powder, ear cleaner, cotton balls, nail clippers, and kwik stop. Am I missing anything or is there any of that I should skip?

    Thank you guys for all your help

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    I can give you a very rookie overview from what was at the time in my first year of grooming and entering Rescue Rodeo at Superzoo. I am not sure if registration is open yet but when I entered 2 zoos ago it was around $150 entry fee and it started the first morning of the convention. Yes, expect any type of dog in any type of condition, and all expect all levels of grooming experience and ability. You were given 3 hours from start to finish and in my case I waited close to 2 hours before I got called to go to the bathing area. The water was ice cold and the shampoo was very low grade and the bathing monitors are pushing you to go fast. I did not finish bathing my dog he was too petrified and the water was too cold and there was so little time left. I was too new and it just wasn't worth it to me to stress it or the dog. I dried my scared little dog (monitor told me good job when I was done drying! Yay that was my prize). I was a little disappointed in the bathing conditions and how long it took to get called to go, but now I know what to expect and intend to enter again this year. Last year I did not get my entry in on time. I don't care that I am not technically there yet on grooming. It's fun and you learn so much. My goal is to one day when they cull out some of the groomers so they can focus on who is in the running is to be in that group that is left standing.

    My advice to some one entering a Rescue event is be prepared to draw any type of dog including hand strip or one that needs very little grooming and be able to handle very difficult dogs. Consider it your getting to know the ropes and not be too hard on yourselft. Definitely bring your own shampoo. If you use a happy hoodie or some other noise cancelling method that would be good too. See you there!