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  • First ever grooming competition

    I entering my first ever grooming competition using a friends standard poodle. It's a rather last minute decision and I wish (and you'll see) that I had known/decided about this earlier, but I digress. Here is the dog I am using:
    He is by no means a perfect specimen of a poodle, but he has a decent coat and a temperament second to none. I groomed him the last time January 27th with a 3 blade and took this photo of him today. I took this photo today after only doing a bath and brush with face and foot trim. I know he likely (ok probably) won't have the leg length. From today I have just over eight weeks to competition. "Rascal" isn't a perfect poodle, he's stocky, short necked and roach backed, but he's got any amazing temperament and is as cooperative as they come and for me going into this as my first time I place high value on that.
    My goal is only to have fun, get out of my comfort bubble, learn as much as I can and to challenge myself.
    Anyway my questions are:
    What type of trim will be the best to attempt on him? He has short ears so I'm unsure what to do with that, and he has a natural undocked tail so I'm not sure what is acceptable to do with that either and how that affects my style choices.
    Also other than the obvious bath and brush out, what kind of prep work is acceptable to do before the prejudging ??

    Any other hints or tips?
    Any constructive help and advice you can give me would be most appreciated!

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    IMO a German trim. And I think its clean face, feet and nails but don't take my word for it.


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      Don't see a pic


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        Can't see the pic😣


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          Well he certainly is an opportunity to impress the judges with your corrective grooming skills! Let me be upfront and say I am not a competitive groomer, just a fellow groomer giving her observations so I am not claiming any superior knowledge here. So for the short fat neck, I would clip the throat a little lower in the front and clip to just under and SLIGHTLY behind the rear of the ear leathers to create the appearance of more length. Scissoring the back of the neck hair tighter and a slightly higher topknot will also add to this illusion of neck length. I do not recommend clipping the ears as this will accentuate the fact that they're too short. You could tassel them, but for short ears it is my opinion that leaving a full feathered ear that blends into the topknot rather than scissoring a defined line between the two, gives the appearance of more length. Obviously you would be leaving fill where needed on the topline, but his low tail set caused by his topline issues will need to be corrected. If I were grooming him, I would still do a pompom tail, but do not clip the base of the tail as much as you would normally. You could then bring your "V" at the top base of the tail a little farther forward to give the appearance of a higher tail set. The long body/short legs can be helped by moving your tuck up slightly forward and scissoring your underline from the ribs and chest slightly tighter. Also scissoring his legs well rather than leaving them too full will add visual length. Also be sure when clipping your clean feet not to expose any ankle and don't choose any styles that involve bracelets. These things will make his legs look even shorter in proportion to his long body. Best of luck to you! Have fun with it and take lots of pictures at the competition. Dawn


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            You may not be able to grow out the legs, but you can certainly take that body shorter to proportion him more. I also would do a German trim, but not with shaved ears and tail, but a little more length left on them to hopefully disguise that low tail set.