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Independent Contracor in Vets office ???

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  • Independent Contracor in Vets office ???

    So I've been an "Independent Contractor" at a Vets office for going on two years. I supply all shampoo, tools, table etc. Receptionists receive payment for grooming and Vet pays me 1099 after taking out 20% for his percentage. I have Liability insurance and have spent $3,000 in marketing alone this year (to include YP, website and coupons through community mailers). I don't usually spend that much in marketing, it was something I decided to do to increase a good business base because I knew a couple shops in the area were closing. It worked because I've been booked 3-4 weeks out with great customers 6 days a week. NOW..... The Vet's office has suddenly decided that I can only operate my business from 8:30-5 Monday thru Friday and Saturday 8:30-12pm. Previously, they were ok if I was there til 6pm or 5pm on Saturday. I am EXTREMELY bummed because I am having to refer almost every call I get to other groomers!!! After all the money I spent on marketing. I have slightly over 200 clients and have brought the Vets office close to 80 with my coupons. My dilemma.... I have had a Vet 2 miles up the street invite me to his practice with 4x the space (I could hire a bather) and I could control my own money. My clients would have their own waiting room and I would have space for retail. I would loose some clients, but I would gain some. Both want 20%, but the one I currently work for 1099's me. Or should I work this Vets office a couple days a week and add a mobile van? I like the people I work for, but with the time limit I feel like I work FOR them and now my income has been cut...

    Thanks for your input!

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    You are independent and can do what's best for YOU.

    From your description of the situation, I say move.


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      I think you are asking if you're true IC? I think there's actually very few real IC's, most are employees without realizing it. I've come across so many groomers who throw the word around like, they call all the shots when they don't.

      my question - he makes a 1099 for you and takes out 20%? how do you really determine that price? because I know most IC's pay for table space like a monthly rent and that's it.
      I'm no expert but it seems to me you're paying for a lot of stuff.


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        Is this new vet offering a IC 1099 too? Or do they want you to be an employee there? I would probably move to the bigger location if you think you would like to expand.


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          I've always thought grooming in a vets office with your own business would be too limiting. I'd feel under someone else's rules. They would want vaccinations, exams, and I'd feel like even though I was ic, the customers are really still the clinics. I prefer my own set up independent of anyone else. Even a pet store would be too intertwined for my taste. It just doesn't seem like an independent business.


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            As soon as he tells you what hours you can keep, you are an employee.
            That changes everything. Now the current vet will need pay taxes on you, and write you a paycheck.

            Be aware of what is happening here. You could end up paying big fines to the IRS



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              Interesting that I am still wondering if you are even eligible to be an IC at the vet you are working at now.

              While you are doing things correct with what we know at the vet now, is the vet company eligible in the first place???

              The vet is outsourcing service orders they cannot meet, in this case grooming. Therefore, while you are serving some of YOUR clients, how much of their demand for grooming is the VET meeting by doing grooming. None, you are.

              So YOU are cool, but are they? If they strictly wrote a contract where you are LEASING the grooming area and running your business, even if you did some referrals for them, that might work.

              Does this sound overly technical and ad nauseum, yes, but since when didn't the IRS sometimes use that against some persons?

              So I think you are cool and doing fine, but there are two sides to any contract. That contract would state what hours you can operate guess.

              Sounds like you are a future business owner on your own and you will do well.
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                I say make the switch. You said that your CURRENT vet 1099's you, does that mean that the vet that's wooing you has offered a w2?

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                  The groomer i was training with is sub contracted through a vets office office as well. However she also has her own side business grooming where she goes to ppls houses and uses their utility sink and brings her grooming equipment with her. She has an attachment she puts on the faucet it seems like a good idea to me.


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                    You are not a true IC if he controls the money end of things. Do they book clients for you as well?? I am an IC in a vet office also, BUT I control everything!! Booking, money, taxes, business license, insurance etc. I pay the vet 20% of what I earn monthly

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                      Go mobile. It's been almost 10 years since I was mobile but my overhead didn't approach 20%. I think you'd be surprised at how much you would make.
                      Also realize you would charge more, so you would lose some clients, but you will groom fewer dogs for the same income as you are grooming now.