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  • Intergroom results

    Hi all,
    Hope everyone made it home safely from Intergroom. Was hoping someone had results from all the classes available yet? Intergroom website hasn't posted winners yet..

    Ps Congrats Galle on your placement!! Great Job

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    Lindsey Berry won the Poodle class

    Sarah Hawks won clipped terriers

    Koko Tanaka won stripped terriers

    Cheryl Purcell won mixed breed

    Sporting went to Greta Darlymple


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      asian in intergroom. urgent!

      Hi. I'm desperate to know. Anyone have any info if there's any asian in the competition and if there is did they win?


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        How about Rising Star competitions?


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          Hey Butch, we just got back...DJ took the Rising star Poodle class and Best in Show Rising star!!! He did an awesome job on Lizzie! I won the Extreme Makeover, but didn't take any regular classes. My Standard didn't have enough hair...Oh well, I will just have to do good out in NC!! It was a fun show!


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            Winterroo congrats!! If you need to borrow my crazy guy in NC let me know. Hope all is well


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              Congrats Winteroo, I saw you win but didn't know it was someone from here. Your dog looked great, I wish I would have seen him before (got there late). Well done!


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                Thanks everyone! Bully, he had a TON of hair...about 6 months worth! I think adrenaline just kicked in and off I went! I can't even believe I pulled off that win!

                Scully, I have dogs all lined up for that. Thanks a million anyway! The only reason we possibly needed a dog was for DJ (Rising star best in show) who's dog came into season and is due to be bred. We didn't know if we would be back in time for her breeding, but it all worked out! Thanks again!


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                  You go V

                  Hey Veronica...

                  nice job!! Your back on the winning streak I heard..thats great...And DJ to..see my prediction was right. You gotta post a pic before and after of your Makeover..6 months of hair..holy cow..
                  You guys know what hotel your stayin at in NC? let me know.
                  I will definitely do Intergroom next year..everyone said it was very good show..Anyway..glad you guys made it home ok and with trophies to boot..


                  ps..Ya better post a pic of you wearing your new GROOMTEAM JACKET...woo woo woo


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                    Ha ha ha, Butch! I don't have any before pictures of my Extreme...I was late to the ring and about 20-30 mins behind everyone else (always check your schedule! I have never screwed up like that before! I thought the class was at 1:45, so I showed up at 1:05 thinking I had plenty of time. The darn class started at 1:00!!! My dog wasn't fully prepped and brushed yet either!). I felt like I was running a marathon and everyone but me got a 30 minute handicap!!! I was literally sweating to death and probably shaking too! Yes, I am loving my new jacket! I will be wearing it in NC! I don't know where we are staying yet, where are you staying? I need to make reservations tomorrow!