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Intergroom Day trip and board members

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  • Intergroom Day trip and board members

    I just got back from Intergroom. Holly (dogsdayspa) and I took a ride down. I had a really good time, and finally met some people from the board. I said hello to ejmj33. I also saw bubblesaway and barknpurr in the ring. Wet Noze was nice enough to meet with me, dogsdayspa and revwind to show us how she uses her palm pilot (I'm sold!), and of course, Chuck was there too. Jaeinn was there too. I have to say, I felt a little left out with all those people in the ring. Maybe November......

    I was only there for one day, but I sure did buy alot. This time I got the Aesculap clippers, 4 pairs of grooming pants and 5 smocks, along with various shampoos, dog beds, blades, les poochs cologne to name a few.
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    I just wanted to tell everyone what a WONDERFUL time I had! I enjoyed meeting everyone so much, furrybestjob, revwind and others. It made the show even more special! I even got to see Erin and baby Aurora with her red hair and chubby cheeks.

    Bought all my shampoos and random goodies. I LOVE shopping for anything grooming.

    My big splurg was that Chris Christensen curry brush with the metal bristles
    in the middle. My friend turned me onto it. She uses it on golden heads and short haired dogs. She said it make the dogs shine like crazy!

    The rest of the time I was holed up at the Wahl booth watching the demos or watching the competitions. I enjoyed every minute!

    Now we have to wait for Hershey.............


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      maybe i'll get to meet everyone at hershey and finally get one of chucks grooming nooses. supergroom is still up in the air, maybe maybe not. my daughter was there on sat and did my shopping for me. when she couldn't remember which geri harness i wanted, she had marlene romani call me. she is definately my daughter.
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        I had a blast

        And spent lots. Mostly clipper stuff (blades, the whal metal combs, etc.) m other small accessories. Bought a cheapo ($28) 10" lefty straight from Frank Row cuz it was there! 10" lefties are the hardest things to find. BUT! They accidentally gave me a righty, so I have to exchange by mail. I also got a lefty thinner from Talyn. I'm tired of using a right handed thinner, it's the only righty I use and the change in grip really makes a difference in my wrist. I bought a small bottle of the SpaLavish blueberry facial stuff everyone raves about. I got 2 new smocks that are cute and I'm saving them for the new business. And I got 2 new funny t-shirts.
        I met a bunch of board people and all were friendly. Thanks Wet Noze for showing us the palm stuff! Y'all Non Jersey Mobiles missed a good time at the meet and greet dinner Saturday night. They keep trying to get outsiders there but it was mostly Jersey. I was quite welcomed and the food and talk was great! They had great prizes too. All donated! THANKS LAURI AND DOUG! and Thanks Soap and Jet for letting me hang out with you for the evening. You guys were a hoot!

        Can't wait for Hershey!!!!!!


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          I had a great time myself. I took my hubby with me and he was all ears for me. He also got to see the Gryphon trailers and was very impressed and thinking about buying one this year for me. He wasn't crazy about the Wagn tails because they are so small with very little space and too pricey. I myself felt the same way. One thing I don't like is going up to the venders and having them try to talk me into buying something when all I want to do is look. I didn't meet anybody mostly because I don't hear very well in crowds. I did buy a few things mostly smocks and pants. I'm looking forward to going to Hershey but leaving hubby home and bring a girl friend that is also a groomer. Maybe I'll have a chance to meet some of you Connecticut groomers along with the groomers on this board. How do you know who is who????


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            i'm so jealous! i was going to go down for the day today .... but i worked a 14 hour day between a way overbooked grooming day & kennel. yesterday :-/ and i needed to get a couple of extra hours this morning. hershey's not TOO TOO far away! but i would have loved to go to intergroom.


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              We did lots shopping...

              We were there most of the day on sunday, brought lots goodies(shampoo, brushing...) can't wait to try the shampoo with my new bathing system! I really wanted to join ISCC but with everything else I need to get for the shop I have to wait a little bit I'm trying to convinece hubby to let me go to Pet Pro Classic in Nov.