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  • In a bind

    So I found two dogs I can use for Intergroom, a show cocker spaniel who is handstripped and a client's toy poodle who I have put into an OES like cut. I was planning on entering and competing with both, however a friend just pointed out that they are both Friday afternoon and I can only have 1 dog for the afternoon. So I would like your honest opinions of which dog I should compete with, as I am torn. I am attaching photos of both from this week. The cocker was pretty much fully finished, however I did not touch the legs or the head on the poodle so he will grow more coat.
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    A cocker is a cocker is a cocker. One of them is pretty much like another.

    I think the poodle would be a more interesting challenge. I'd go with the poodle.


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      I would go with the poodle, it's a cute look.
      Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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        I would do the cocker

        I would do the cocker, less entries in sporting, always more with a poodle.

        However do what your strongest in!! Be confident!


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          I agree w/using the Poodle. Plus, when is Intergroom? Will the Cocker have time to grow enough coat to be able to compete with?
          SheilaB from SC


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            Intergroom is April 16-18

            both the mixed/misc class and the sporting are on the same day. From what I understood the poodle would be in the mixed/misc class as he does not have a clean face/feet and it not a all other purebreds. I think the cocker would have enough coat, but it won't be floor length in his skirt, so I am not sure if that would penilize him. As these are the only two classes that really conflict, I was wondering if they are both rather small compared to the other classes.

            Thank you for all your thoughts, I am leaning towards the poodle. However I wish I did not have to make this descision as I have done run throughs with them and am able to do them in more then enough time.



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              Intergroom is in April...I would use the poodle as well because of the versatility..Good luck to you..Wish I could come and watch!


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                Okay, figured I should reply to this as it is only a little ways off. I chose to compete with the poodle on Friday in the Misc class!

                Will be back Saturday morning with the cocker for NDGA Certification. Studying my butt off

                Thank you,


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                  Good luck! i always compete with poodles. IMO the poodle class is the hardest to win in because it's usually the biggest, but if you are using him in misc. it may be smaller. I just enjoy working on poodles so much. I'll keep an eye out for that poodle at the show!
                  What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.


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                    If you are looking, I will be wearing the purple ryans oriental short sleeve smock all day Friday, probably have french braids as that is the easiest way to keep my hair.
                    Very excited but nervous, could not sleep at all last night and kept thinking about random facts about the sporting and non-sporting group.


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                      That is a good idea! I am sure you will pass you practical with your cocker.