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    Hello all!

    I am seriously considering at Pet Quest in July. It's very close to home and I really want to get my feet wet in grooming competition!

    Up until recently I haven't had my own dog to compete with. I now have a gorgeous Lhasa Apso that I was showing in conformation. While he was doing very well and has points toward his CH I have been having a lot of trouble with my Fibromyalgia lately. Soooo he ended up in a puppy cut! I was going to grow him back out, but now I am considering using him for a grooming competition. He is very well trained and very accustomed to grooming! His coat is awesome!!

    I noticed that a lot of competitors enter multiple dogs. Is it common for a beginner to only enter one dog? Is it worth it to take just one dog?

    Here's a picture of Frank in the trim I would do for competition. Does this look like something that would be competitive in competition?

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    Yes, it is worth going out there with one dog! that is all it takes to win a best in show! I competed 2 years with just one dog before I was so hooked on learning a way of grooming I was not doing and wanted to go and trying to go for Groom Team. Once I made that decision then I started entering all the classes. I say go for it and have a good time!!!!


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      Thanks! I think I'm going to go for it! I have only been to one grooming show and that was like 10 yrs ago! LOL Was Fun In The Sun when I lived in FL. It was fun!


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        I am planning on competing this summer at Canada Grooms (which will be the closest seminar, and is still a plane ride away!), I am taking my standard poodle, he is the only dog i am taking.

        I don't think my nerves can handle multiple dogs, lol Plus, I really don't have any clients that I could borrow dogs from, 98% of my clientelle is shih tzu's...the shaved kind


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          Please go for it, that is perhaps the cutest little dog I have ever seen!!


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            YES YES YES!

            I competed last September in Las Vegas with my ONE dog, my toy poodle, Icon, and we won first place in our division and 2nd place in Group. I came home with $650, and when looking at the photos I have a LOT of work to do!

            You can enter Frank in Potpourri. I have one suggestion---his butt is a little over-pointy, but he is a beautiful dog, and would be a good candidate for competitions!

            Tammy in Utah
            Groomers Helper Affiliate


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              Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to go for it!


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                Scully's mom... Thanks! I think he's pretty cute! The only thing that would stop me from doing it is I need to finish his CH. This would make it longer before I got him back in coat, but think I will try it anyway! This is soooo much easier to care for than full coat!