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  • What Patterns are preferred

    So after seeing the Pac. NW show will be having some comp's and hoping that there will be a poodle one, I'd like to enter with one of my poodles but have no idea which patterns are acceptable and which ones are easy to get started.
    Now I'm kicking myself for taking Emi out of her con't pattern!!
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    I would keep the Continental if you have her in it. Most of the poodles are just scissored all over any other clip stands out like a sore in a sea of 30 poodles and I mean that in the best possible way. Pretty much any clip is accepted as long as you have clean face and feet. Mustaches and the like are accepted too. Of course you're not going to want to do a clown clip or somethin simple like that, but anything with a difficulty level will do. If you have a specific clip in mind and are not sure just ask the show manager


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      The most popular trims are the puppy trim (with scissored topknot) and the german trim (basically the same as a puppy trim with shaved ears and tail). Other trims are acceptable, like a show puppy trim, english saddle, scandinavian, desi, etc. I would not do a continental unless you can execute it flawlessly. There is no room in that clip for screwing up! Everything must be done just so, and you must remember you only have so much time to get all the clipper work done, and leave yourself enough time to scissor the jacket, rosettes, and bracelets, and then band and spray your topknot attractively. I do not want to discourage you from doing it if you want, but it is a very hard trim, and there is a reason not many people are successfully competing with it. I would stick with a puppy trim or a german trim personally.