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  • Help!!! First timer!

    i am planning on competing for the first time at pet quest in ft mitchell ky. in July. I need alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the advice anyone can give me. I am taking a golden doodle and thinking about doing a long scissor cut some angulation on the back legs a round head and bobbed ears. i cant find any pics of goldendoodles in competitions. i would like to know if anyone knows any good websites on learning to do the angulation. i am going to try to attend the ultimate grooming tour in feb with her to and theres a 6 hour hands on class there. has anyone ever taking that class?? whats kind of equipment do you use for competition? whats your fav shampoos?? also i am using a clients dog and covering all her grooming between now and then. How often do you do B&B's and how often do you do haircuts before the show. help help help thanks lol.

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    Keep the dog clean and tangle free. It might mean that he/she might need to be bathed/brushed every two weeks to once a week.
    I do haircuts (tipping) every three weeks to get myself familiar with the trim I am working on. I do last one six weeks prior to the show.
    Can you post a picture of your comp. dog profile?
    Here is a pic of what I think sound like what you want to do, but it is a poodle.
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      thanks i just got around to posting pics today. its on a new thread. yea so far we are on every two weeks bath and brush .