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Identifying petgroomer addicts at shows!

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  • Identifying petgroomer addicts at shows!

    Everytime I go to one, I do meet a couple of people from the board, but I would like to meet more. Is there anything everyone can agree upon so we can identify each other? I suppose I could walk around with the members list and match people with their pictures, but then I would feel a little like a stalker. lol!
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    Hey Furry..thats funny...I was just thinking that at Dallas last Nov....I kept wondering....hmmmmm...she looks kinda familiar...I know at Atlanta this year, they are asking the board members to wear a green hat of sorts to distinguish them...think that should be fun.


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      If we get badges we should put our member name on them. I think I read that on another post.


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        I will be atlanta, But Iam not wearing no Green hat! LOL I will look on name tags....


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          Maybe petgroomer can make a design to print out and stick on shirts?

          Stephen: T Shirts will be here in a few weeks with GroomerTALK logo and MobileGroomerTALK logo.


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            Stephen: T Shirts will be here in a few weeks with GroomerTALK logo and MobileGroomerTALK logo.[/QUOTE]

            YAAAAY! We can make that the distinguisher! Are you going to have smalls or extra smalls? They tend to either not exist or run out first, in general.


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              If I were going to a show, I would wear a T-shirt and have SPIKEY THE YORKIE printed on the back. I think if people have been on here enough, they'd recognize that, wouldn't they?

              Tammy in Utah
              Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                Tammy I could pick you out of a crowd in about 3 seconds!



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                  I think that's great

                  but I've actually heard people knock people who wear T Shirts to the shows, lol. Hmmm. The vendors wear them to identify. Okay how about a silk scarf with logo????
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                    How about a button that says Petgroomer and then your posting name?

                    Stephen: P.S. We will have T shirts for sure in June. Finalizing details now.