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  • Burbank

    Anyone back from Burbank this weekend? If anyone can tell me who won what? I heard Veronica F (Winteroo) from Minnesota won the winner's circle..Yeah Veronica!!
    If anyone has info please would be nice too.

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    I don't have any info or pics but applause from IL for Winteroo! Congratulations!!!


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      Don't know a thing

      And I was there. I was esconced in the Groomers Helper booth. I was the Groomers Helper Helper. I did know a "Zebra" won popular vote for creative. I know there were about 30 poodles in Competition.

      I met quite a few board members and gosh what really lovely people. They got the prize of a wonderful loop and the drawing for the Groomers Helper will be done later.
      Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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        Thanks Arooh,

        I'm hearing that show was an awesome show with some really tuff competition. I can wait to see some pics from it.
        I know what you mean about the groomers on this board...I just recently started posting more here and the help and advice that everyone is so willing to share is amazing. I tend to vist other boards on a regular basis and this board really out does all the rest. The wealth of information shared is so valuable and useful..Kudos to all the groomers who are so kind enough to share their expertise/knowledge. Hope to meet alot of you in Atlanta.


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          Hi Everyone -

          I am not a groomer. Trying to get into the business. I went to the show and seen so many people, dogs (Of course) and all the things to buy. I never seen so many standards at one time and prepped for their creatives. I wish I could have been there on Sunday for the final showing.

          I went by myself on Saturday. I tried to look at name tags to see if I noticed anyone from the board, but I was so busy looking at all the goodies that are out there I missed you all.

          I finally got my "Notes" book, Melissa signed it for me. I picked up samples of shampoos, dog breed charts with the blades. Picked up a bathing apron so I can start practicing the bathing on friends and family's pets.

          It was very exciting to see the compititions, even though I do not know what I am looking at. Study, study, practice, practice.

          When I got home, I started looking at everything and was getting really excited about all this and woke myself up around midnight thinking about how to go about getting into this sooner and could not get back to sleep until about 4AM.

          The next day I realized that I did not even stop to check out the scissors - what an idiot I was on that. Now I will have to try and figure which types and sizes of scissors to get and hope that they are comfortable to my hand and all that important stuff.

          Everyone was very nice and helpful. I have never been to a trade show like this before. I am sure that I missed alot. I hope I can go to another one soon.


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            I didn't go, but I know Sue Zecco was there. I see her at the gym almost every day, but I am home sick today. Hopefully I'll see her this week and get the scoop!!


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              Came back sunday afternoon didnt stay for the finish of creative grooming. But had a great weekend loved seeing all the groomer diffrent styles of grooming applause to all that entered. I went by groomer's helper and recieved my loop. Iam looking forward to buyig one in the next week. wished that there could of been more booths. but did check out some new shampoos and other products to carry took a couple seminars but didnt learn anything i didnt know. was nice meeting some of you and talking shop see you all next year... or maybe las vegas in sept....


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                HI, well, I'm still in Ca. Headed off to Knott berry farm today...DL again tomorrow HEHEHE.

                The Camel won first. The Zebra won people choice, one of the Zebra's props was an Aussie that has placed 3rd in the Mixed the day was a Hyena...Yes I have photos, but need to get home to re-size things before I can send. There was a Marde Gras, styled dog and a Poodle with Daisy's...severl others, but those are the ones that stick in my mind.


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                  Aww thanks Butch, you're making me blush!


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                    gotta be tired?

                    Hey Veronica....
                    Glad you and DJ made it home guys gotta be tired as all get guys gettin hit with snow up there...started here yesterday evening and hasn't stopped yet...yuck...
                    Well as soon as you are unpacked and rested up....POST YOUR PICS BIG WINNER...DONT BE SHY... lol


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                      I don't have much for pictures, unfortunately. I do have pictures of my Standard in the Poodle class and of the dogs running on the Beach in Long Beach. I will post them in a bit.


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                        I don't have much for pictures, unfortunately. I do have pictures of mine and DJ's Standards in the Poodle class and of the dogs running on the Beach in Long Beach.
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                          more pics-dogs running on the beach in Long Beach California...White girl is Kia-my Winners Circle girl, black (actually blue...) dog is Pixel, my Poodle class guy.
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                            Pixel again and Poodle gang at the beach...


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                              I lied, I think that last one was Kia and then Pixel-this one is Poodles running on the beach. That is all I have for now...
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