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    Hi eveyone,

    Anyone that competed in Dallas -PetPro Classic this past November ever get pictures or information about them?? Really dissapointed, they told us they would be available to order on-line on their website and even gave us order forms at the Mascarade party..tried calling them and left several messages and tried emailing but no one from PetPro has ever returned calls or emails. Just wondering... I always order pics when I compete..wether I win or to keep them to see what I can improve they are nice to hang up at the shop. anyone have info how to get them if you could let me know... Had same problem at All American ( but they used different photographers which I hope they never use again) but after months of hounding finally got them 4 months later...and as expensive as they were, they were horrible pictures...they even lost a couple of mine.


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    Hi Butch! Veronica here...

    I don't know how to get the pics from Dallas either. We didn't get a chance to go back to the booth, I really wanted to order a CD...Never did. I had the same trouble with All American as well. The photos were HORRIBLE!!! And took several months to get. Any way, just wanted to say hi (not sure if you remember me anyway, you groomer guys are always easy to remember cuz there's not very many of you!)...Sorry I can't be of any help, I have the same problem. If you figure anything out, could you let me know?!

    [email protected]


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      dallas photos

      hey Veronica,

      good news...just got off phone with someone from ISCC-Dallas Show..she said they just got the disks from photos took alot longer then they expected...but they said hopefully in the next week they will have them on their site and we will be able to order online.. She said she would post something on the board to let us know.



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        That is good to know, thanks!